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Samsung has found solutions for its… t


The Korean manufacturer is in the process of refining the smartphone evicted from nearly € 2,000, Galaxy Fold, which already operates two measures to solve the problems.

According to Korean media, quoting sources from Samsung, company engineers have identified two solutions to the problems created by the screen and loss of the foldable smartphone.

One of the problems of the fact that the Galaxy Fold screen was protected by an outer layer, that users could mix it with protective plastic that can be removed. Samsung's solution is to integrate the body of the device so that it cannot be pulled down.

Secondly, Samsung will block the gaps around the hinge, where dust and various other impurities come in. Scratch the screen after folding.

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During this month, Samsung will test the new version of the smartphone Fold on some South Korea telecommunications networks.

Depending on the test results, the manufacturer will decide when to re-launch your foldable smartphone. Unless other complications are detected, it is likely to enter the market in June.

Samsung has decided to postpone the official launch of Galaxy Fold, scheduled to start in May, after several devices sent to the press for a review were cut in similar ways.

Samsung initially claimed that its foldable smartphone will resist over 200,000 folders without affecting the screen in any way. We must wait to see if this promise is renewed after the problems have been resolved.

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