Tuesday , December 1 2020


Samsung GALAXY S21 Records

Samsung GALAXY S21 is the next suite of mobile phones that Samsung is currently working on, is highly anticipated by many South Korean giant fans, and today comes some very interesting information. In particular, the first version of Samsung GALAXY S21 series which will be launched for certified customers in India, so we are talking about a first step taken by Koreans to bring the phone to market .

Samsung GALAXY S21 amid rumors that the launch will take place in January, more precisely on January 14, and this early certification for models only confirms that things should be this way. Usually, the Samsung GALAXY S21 was due for delivery in late February, and launch in March, but both may take place in January, or mid-January, and early March.

Samsung GALAXY S21: OFFICIAL, Emergency Confirmation Launch

Samsung GALAXY S21 rush launch

Samsung GALAXY S21 Vanilla is the model certified by the Indian authorities for sale to customers worldwide, so we’re talking about a very interesting decision that will come from them. The Samsung GALAXY S21 launched in January instead of February / March would come as a big surprise to many, but the Koreans’ desire to bring phones to market sooner is much clear, and the Coronavirus pandemic of the behind it.

Samsung GALAXY S21 It’s a long-awaited series of phones worldwide by many people, and it’s normal for that to be the case since the previous series was released about 8 months ago, so people want something new. We don’t know for sure how soon the new series will be coming, but it’s quite clear that we can expect a very interesting surprise from the Korean company for Samsung GALAXY S21, and they won’t be coming long.

Samsung GALAXY S21 is a series of phones that will launch in three models, one standard, one Plus, and one Ultra, so we will certainly have a lot of information about them rolling out in advance.

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