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Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10 button

Samsung Galaxy Note 10. A radical change for the phone is made by the Korean company, and this is because other Chinese manufacturers have started making similar changes for their own products. In particular, according to some information this day, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will appear to be the first Korean smartphone that it does not have a button in the casing, as is one of the phones issued by Xiaomi.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The removal of phone buttons would be a radical change for the whole series, but also for the future of the Galaxy range, because there may be something similar to Samsung GALAXY S11. Instead of pushing buttons outside the case, Samsung GALAXY AIM may have 10 special pressure areas, their touch to manage the same functionality as the existing phone buttons.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10. The Most RADIOUS Change in History

Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Currently, all Korean phones have physical buttons to turn on / lock / close, or to control volume level, some include buttons to control Bixby. For Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10 everything would be done simply by touching the phone frame, and the final effect would be the same as pushing a physical button, although I'm sure people will complain about switching from & # 39 such.

Samsung Electronics will commercialize a “Keyless” smartphone which has no button at the front or side. Galaxy Note 10 (tentative name), which is released this fall, is expected to become Samsung's first keyless smartphone. By removing the buttons, you can create a seamless smartphone with seamless design. Samsung is expected to apply Galaxy Note 10 to key low head models as well as its mid-price models. Key leasing is expected to appear as a key technology in the future smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, it should not be seen as radical, because the future is phones that have no buttons at all, but they have more elegant designs without interruption of such. Of course, in order to implement a change of type, it is also necessary to make changes to Samsung GALAXY 10 NOTE design, and this could cause problems to the production, or even availability of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It is now estimated that the phones in this series will arrive at shops sometime during August, but it is not known very clearly at this stage.

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