Thursday , May 26 2022



Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 defects

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 Last week there was a very serious operational problem that caused the Korean company's customers to remain very nervous and frustrating. We are talking about the fact that Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 is a big problem with the camera application that records photos and videos, completely blocked by random, without permanent use by users.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 is the latest premium phone model launched by Samsung on global markets, so this issue queries the quality of Android operating system. Fortunately, it seems that hardware is not software but software, because users with Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 are successful in replicating in practice the application function can completely restart the phone, something that is not no-one ever wanted to do it anyway.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9. ADDITIONAL OFFICIAL PROBLEM Recognized

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 This issue has been officially recognized by the Koreans, as the US discussion forum moderator, saying that the engineers in the company are working to solve it. The Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 model with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chips, only those sold in the US, are affected by this Camera application, with the rest of the models being sold globally without ineffective functionality, at least so far.

Our experts have given us the directive that the latest information ends to resolve this issue in particular. However, as we can not guess on updates updates in the future, I do not have a detailed date for when to expect this.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 get an update to the Android operating system very soon to resolve this serious problem, but it is not clear when this update is available to users. It is expected that everyone will be able to install Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 in the next few days, so let's see what Samsung has to say about the lack of his phones.

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