Monday , July 4 2022

Romania has started living on Facebook this afternoon. 30,000 Romans clicked to look. "I'm cutting the top". It's amazing what she did by time (PHOTO) t


Nicoleta went from Bucharest into Facebook Monday night and started making Live. Soon, the Internet had a fire. Nearly 27,000 people watched it in real time.

The young girl interacted with more than one individual and soon launched challenges. So there was no big step here for real madness.

"In 25,000 you put your bra down, at 35,000 we're getting naked completely." Finally, after two hours, the native star has managed to collect 336,000 views, 12,000 distributors and 6,200 hits.

The production ended at approximately 2.15. Surprisingly, Facebook did not censor Live.

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