Thursday , May 26 2022



Theft of PS5

PS5 is the “hottest” console of the moment, its worldwide launch generating hysteria among customers who couldn’t wait for the first units to reach their homes, but unfortunately the experience wasn’t great for everyone, with some customers upset about what they were suffering.

PS5 They started shipping in every country where they opened and pre-ordered a few weeks ago, but unfortunately not everyone who bought the console got what they thought of stores, especially Amazon, which is in the UK didn’t just provide consoles for everyone.

PS5 is such an important product that some of the packages shipped by Amazon to UK customers have been packed full of pet food, rice cans, treadmills, toy guns, and various other non-food products. just as important.

PS5 It also drove the courier companies drivers through whom the parcels were sent crazy, some stopped in front of the houses, marked the parcels as delivered, and then left without actually delivering them to customers, something that seems unreal, but really because of the desire of many. to get the console, and eventually sell it for a lot of money.

PS5 available in very limited quantities, and it is not known how many UK customers have been affected by the problem, but Amazon offers them 5 lbs worth of gift cards to make them forget about the problem, which is stupid , but up to one – other people are left without their consoles.

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