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PRESS. Changes at the top of Philip Morris Romania


PRESS.  Changes at the top of Philip Morris Romania
Sonia Micu, Philip Morris Romania’s Director of Marketing and Digital

PRESS. From December 1, Philip Morris International announces changes to the structure of the Romanian trade organization. The three pillars on which the commercial activity will take place will be: User Experience, Marketing and Digital and Commercial Operations, and the positions of directors of these departments will be occupied by Ruxandra Pașca, Sonia Micu, respectively Claudiu Ilian.

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Sonia Micu joins Philip Morris Romania as Director of Marketing and Digital after a career of over 15 years in marketing and entrepreneurship and a masters degree in Marketing Management at London College.

At The Coca-Cola Company, Sonia led a team of Creative Excellence in conducting communications campaigns for global brands and developing marketing strategies for the 23 countries of Central and Southern Europe.

In 2015, he founded his own company, NALU, which was nominated for Startup of the Year by Business Review and awarded the Forbes Cool Brands trophy for Emerging Brands. Five years later, Sonia sold the company, and from December 1, she joined Romania’s Philip Morris team, to help build a smoke-free future.

With the help of the Marketing and Digital team, Sonia will develop and implement the company’s smoke-free brand strategy and product portfolio.

“I was amazed at the courage of a company as large as Philip Morris International to bet on a smoke-free future after 170 years as a global leader in cigarette production and marketing.

I wondered if I would find an environment that would challenge me more than entrepreneurship, but certainly transforming your business from the ground up to develop products that are less harmful to smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke extremely bravely, with a potential impact on society that you can hardly achieve as an entrepreneur.

I will be happy to support the growth of IQOS in Romania, along with a team that has already proven to be able to achieve exceptional results. ”- Sonia Micu

Ruxandra Pașca, who had so far held the post of Director of Marketing and Development and co-ordinated the brand and portfolio strategy at Philip Morris Romania, which will take over the leadership of the new Consumer Experience department, where he will coordinate the smoke-free product strategy , education and consumer loyalty to give them the best experience before and after the sale.

With over 12 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing and consumer insights and a graduate of Bocconi University in Milan and a masters degree in International Marketing Management, Ruxandra has developed her career in various industries, in companies in Romania, Switzerland and Italy .

Philip Morris joined Romania in 2012 and in recent years has coordinated the construction of the brand strategy for IQOS, both in Romania and in the European Union.

Ruxandra Pașca: “IQOS is a soul project that we have seen grow year on year. For a marketer, it is rare to be able to participate in opening a new category, not just in launching a brand extension.

Working for Philip Morris is a challenge that has always given me the opportunity to be creative, get involved in business reinvention and create something of value to the consumer and society.

This is the company’s new reorganization and I am delighted to take on a new challenge, but also a new partner like Sonia, to build not only this brand with it, but smoke-free Romania. ”

Ruxandra and Sonia joins Claudiu Ilian, who holds the position of Director of Commercial Operations and head of the largest division of the sales department.

With over 20 years of experience within Philip Morris Romania, the last 2 years as Director of Trade and Consumer Activation, Claudiu coordinates the company’s product portfolio marketing strategy. Through the stable and trusted relationships developed with the business partners and through the continuous improvement of the consumer interaction channels, the Commercial Operations department contributes to the company’s consumer-focused approach.

Claudiu Ilian: “I have had the privilege of working for Philip Morris Romania for the past 20 years and of developing together with the company, as a direct witness to the changes that it has gone through during this time. I could even say that I feel like I work for different companies, with different priorities and strategies.

The revolution we generated in the industry with the launch of IQOS forced us, as a sales and distribution department, to change and evolve at all levels: from the way we rethought and implemented the B2C strategy, to the importance and today we will study the needs of our consumers, the partnerships built at retailer level and the way we operate in the market.

Obviously, the other sections, Consumer Experience and Marketing and Digital, have also evolved a lot in a new and challenging direction, and the recent change in structure is a natural one that will help us achieve the ambitious goals we all believe in them. “.

Bibic Branislav, Managing Director, Philip Morris România:

“We are making great strides in replacing cigarettes with smoke-free products, such as IQOS, which are a better choice for those who would otherwise continue to smoke. We are in the process of transforming the company and the industry tobacco, a transformation that will have a positive impact on smokers, public health and society at large.

We need people who believe in this transformation and in Philip Morris’ mission to build a smoke-free future and I trust that we, along with Sonia Micu, Ruxandra Pașca and Claudiu Ilian, are on the right track. “

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