Friday , May 27 2022

Petition for the establishment of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Urgent County Hospital Târgu Jiu


A petition was launched for the establishment of the Vascular Surgery Department at the Jâr Emergency Crisis County Hospital in the online environment The petition was launched by the asus. Univ. Dr. Mircea Ionut Popitiu, a vascular and endopascular surgeon: "We think it is useful to establish a Vascular Surgery Department at Urgent Jiu Târgu Hospital because the vascular patients in this area deserve the right to life , life without impairment!

Vascular surgery is the surgical expertise that deals with the treatment of vascular disorders, which may be arterial, venous or lymphatic. The only boats that are not associated with this specialty are those of the brain and the heart. The primary medical condition is peripheral arterial disease, a direct result of atherosclerosis. This is an increasing disease, which affects about 20% of adults older than 65 years of age. Depending on the development and severity of the disease, it can be invalid, leading to an amputation or even death. For these reasons, the main purpose of vascular surgery is to save the lowest members and reduce the number of major charges, "reads the petition online, which has already been supported by dozens of porches.

Patients at Târgu Jiu were transported over 200 kilometers away

Vascular system disorders are variable and the most severe results are. Gorj patients are transported over 200 km to be treated. "Another common condition is carotid disease, also due to atherosclerosis, which is exposed in the carotid arteries. One of the main complications of untreated carotid disease is a stroke, a serious event that significantly changes the quality of life, or" n can cause death. Aneurysm disease is an important episode of vascular surgery, mainly abnormal aorta abnormality. In the absence of adequate treatment, this condition has severe evolutionary potential, resulting in death often. Vascular surgery also deals with treating venous and peripheral lymphhatic diseases. Although less severe, venous and lymphhatic disorders lead to serious complications, the main source of discomfort and changing the quality of life.

Vascular patients are vulnerable, elderly, multi-linked pathology, which require a multi-disciplinary approach: cardiological, neurological, neurological, diabetic, and retrospective retrospective intensive care. In addition, the complexity of the tissue defects that are closely treated connects vascular surgery to other surgical specialties: general surgery, plastic and repair, orthopedics. Patients with vascular problems are sent in Târgu Jiu and adjoining areas of at least 200 kilometers to be treated and they waste a lot of time that can result in losing or even the death of patients, "he said on the petition.

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