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Outside Otitis: How is it treated?


otitis external

otitis external

External otitis – The inflammation of the outer heating duct and / or the auricular pavilion – causes intense pain, originally abolish an entertaining character, and then continuously aggravated by night and in reach the ear pavilion; the pain can extend to the areas around the ear.

Outer otitis Other symptoms of external otitis include ear sluggishness, hearing loss, swelling of adjoining areas, purple secretions of the outer audio propeller.

The factors that trigger otitis externa are bacteria and fungi that are usually colonies and the skin of external audio conduction.

Seamless skin is a natural barrier to microbial aggression, such as the cerumen.

The situations that change these barriers are:

  • Wash in the ear with soap, shampoo, spirit
  • underwater swimming, water sports (polo)
  • chronic eczema that occurs with ear cutting and the formation of yellow crustaceans
  • using pillows can cause lesions that form access gates for bacteria and fungi
  • General disorders that cause less body immunity (diabetes, tuberculosis, cancers, hiv infection, long-term cortisone treatments)
  • physiological situations (pregnancy)

It's a legend that you "" be infected from swimming pools or seawater. " In fact, moisture in the skin is humorates the skin and creates access gates for "co-locating" bacteria and fungi.

Often, in the case of external otitis, the general condition is good with no fever or coldness with a prominent local discomfort.

In situations of immunization, otitis externa may have a malignant character with a complete evolution and a poor general condition that requires a hospital and infusion therapy.

Outer otitis Evolution is dependent on the accuracy of the treatment:

  • Local daily boards with a rivanol interchange until local pain disappears after antibiotic drops in the external audio extracts
  • general – anti-inflammatory, antibiotic

Typically, gold staphylococcus causes otitis externa under the conditions of the local and general changes listed above, so the most common is anti-pharynx-oxacillin or ciprofloxacin antibiotics.

Initially, the pain intensifies even if the treatment is already in place (local infection) especially during the night. Then, the collection "break" collection and the pain ends. From now on, only the treatment will only be until the medication, "Dr. Victor Babes", shows the Medical Center for Diagnosis and Medical Treatments.

Hearing recovery and ear loss will take place gradually, requesting repeated auric aspirations to clean up the exclusions that are mixed with local skin and sprays.

External secretions of external audio conduction for the bacteria and / or fungus are not required, except in cases of repeat otitis, diabetes, other general causes of immunization.

Mycotic external external otitis is not painful! – it shows itself when driving external audio conduction through the mycelium plug and possibly by breaking a drain secretion.

When a bacterial infection is associated with mycotic otitis, local pain and inflammation occurs – external otitis is mixed.

In this case, the priority is to prevent pain through anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs even if antibiotic therapy favors the development of the fungus; Later, after pain disappears, acute mycotic otitis is locally – reductions of bitter acid alcohol, weak betadine are treated. Antimycotic treatment is not required in general except in immunization situations.

Outer otitis Differential diagnosis includes:

  • seasonal mandibular arthritis
  • pharino amygdalitis, acute tonsillitis
  • neurralgia
  • dental benefits
  • acute otitis, acute otomastoiditis

However, it is not possible to connect the external otitis with any of these conditions !!

In any continuous ear pain, an ENT consultation is identified to diagnose an optical disease or exclude it.