Saturday , May 21 2022

Nina Iliescu, an announcement about the state of Ion Iliescu. The former president will NOT vote


Nina Iliescu, wife of Ion Iliescu, the former Romanian president, announced that she will not be voting in the parliamentary elections and also explained why.

“She’s right, we’re home, we’re fine. She left the house three times on Friday because she had to go to the dentist for a meal repair. We don’t have a coronavirus, we did the test and there’s no we have that. “I asked for the moving urn this time. And then I discovered that the head of that department had coronavirus, and the head usually came with the urine. And I said let’s learn, we don’t ask. “

Generally I didn’t go out, I didn’t go out, but we had … we have help at home as well. 4 times a week, one day a week we generally clean with the help of a company that sends 2 women, they don’t have, and we don’t have (no coronavirus). The boys from SPP always come in with masks and disinfect their hands, “Nina Iliescu, the former president’s wife, told Realitatea Plus.

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