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Nicolae Dică does not have any league competitor 1 »The figures that make FCSB a complete champion


Dica is already a champion. In the League 1. Not with them FCSB, where it is most important, but among current trainers at the first stage. And the site is given by the record that every technician is always at League One, regardless of the name of the club that he has operated. In each appointee, the leader is the "red" blue. It's not just the first one, but it dominates all categories with a lot of authority. This is the only one to go over the 60% threshold.

In addition, Dica is approaching 70%, while the next in the top, Rednic, is not even 57%. And in the Dicas vs. report Dicas, he rebuked his opponents. She has a 10 percent win over the top, Rednic and Mangia.

Dica trained in the only one Team League team, Forestry Commission Wales. It took over almost a year and a half ago. After the departure of Costel Enache of Botosani, Dica still even furthered the longevity of the current technicians. The Hagi Leader, who can not be abolished, has already been more than 4 consecutive years since the future was led, and Dica and Mangia share the other jobs of the podium.

Percentage of victories

  1. Say 57.7%
  2. Rednic 47.8%
  3. Manga 47.1%
  4. Teia 46.8%
  5. Bergodi 45.2%

25%The percentage of victories Dan Alexa has been as a coach at League One in the 72 games that led

The percentage points earned

  1. Say 67.3%
  2. Rednic 56.9%
  3. Conceicao 56.1%
  4. Bergodi 54.15
  5. Hagi 52.9%

The average numbers scored each game

  1. Dacia 1.85
  2. Rednic 1,44
  3. Hagi 1.38
  4. Conceicao 1.34
  5. Bergodi 1.31

Six times fewer games than Rednic

The hierarchies on this page are also influenced by the great differences in the number of games each coach has held in League 1. For example, Dica has 6 times less active games than Mircea Rednic. Stelist has checked 52, while Rednic is not less than 303! Behind the dynamic is Dorinel Munteanu (216), Hagi (169), and Neagoe (152).

8The number of teams played Rednic in League One: Rapid, Bacău, Craiova, Vaslui, Dinamo, Astra, Petrolul and CFR, the next in this top is Bergodi with 7 bands

0.77The goals scored in the game are the average Dica, which is the first place for Conceicao (0.90), Dorinel Munteanu (0.93) and Mangia (0.94)

He still has nothing tough

In another episode, perhaps most importantly, Dica is not important, at least now! He won one of the trophies. He has not defeated anything so far. Instead, at League 1 now there are now no 5 technicians who have at least one such winner in the CV. Rednic is the leader with 6 thres: Conceicao (3), Hagi (2), Mangia (1).

Career Dica training

  • June 2014-November 2015 – second from Gâlcă, then second with Mirel Rădoi
  • December 2015 – Interim FCSB as "Main" for one game
  • June 2016-May 2017 – First Coach in the 3rd League at SCM Pitesti, promoted in the second league
  • June 2017-present – Chief coach at the Forestry Commission


  1. Qualifying team in the Europa League last season
  2. He played in the Europa League spring, where he played "double" with Lazio


  1. He lost the title last season
  2. The team did not take the European teams this season
  3. He has compromised the Romanian Cup during the last season and now
  4. It allowed the employer's total intervention

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