Thursday , September 29 2022

New cases of AH1 flu have been confirmed in Iasi!


Doctoreterth Tudor Ciuhodaru, from the Clinical Emergency Hospitalce "Dr. Nicolae Oblu Professor," highlightsTtake seasonal diseases, especially flu, caution ccomplex, in Iaetthere are 4 cases of gripcomplex clinicalcomplex in the s. lastcomplexamcomplexhandcomplex et3 cases of grip have been confirmedcomplex AH1. NumcomplexInfectious InfectiousnessTacute respiratory diseases increased by 2.8%ce or scomplexamcomplexthe previous onecomplex etIt's approaching 100,000 fast (almost 10% more than thateti scomplexamcomplexhandcomplex or 2017).

The AH1 flu virus is the congenThe has genes of the virusetswine flu, bird flu etand human. Symptoms are similarcomplexncomplexwith some seasonal human flu: fevercomplex, cough etI'm confidentialTnose pain, throat,complexin the end etand other symptoms such as general pain, especially muscle pain, headache, cat, tirednesscomplex, vomcomplex or diarrhea (not typical of flu, but have been reported in recent casescomplex with this virus). In some cases, it is possiblecomplex appearanceTand complicationsTeven serious etfor peoplecomplexncomplexhas been infected with this type of virus.

Tudor Ciuhodaru recommendscomplex eta set of fcomplexSyri to protect our grasp effectivelycomplex:

1. AvoidTliaise with sick people: avoidTsummarizeT(means of public transport, spaTpublic) where they existcomplex More danger of contacting a personcomplex infectiouscomplex, do not waitTI'll closecomplex the people you areetesc neu strcomplexTcomplex, do not visitTac etit does not goTand with each otherDRAWSespecially etcollege, sick people I am notTand a child in the community of Daciancomplex presentcomplex Februarycomplex, fruit, cough, secretTnose nuts! The patient will be isolated from the rest of the family in a roomcomplex separatelycomplex brightcomplex, suddenlycomplex, with a temperaturecomplex an average of 22 – 24 degrees.

2. RevTand general rules etand individual hygienecomplex: the use of the leaflet eti spcomplexhand on his hands, mouth to his mouthcomplex when you areetbutter or dressingcomplexm, avoiding contaminationcomplexby touching the eyes or the mouth with the hands, the daily ventilationcomplex to liveTor offices with menTmaintaining a temperature of 18-22 degrees etand spa cleanlinessTDISCLOSURE etand surfacesTs. spcomplexiTi-vcomplex often with hands with watercomplex eti scomplexdo, spcomplexMust becomplex last at leastTin 20 seconds, insisting on the bending etto spaTinterdigital, then dryThands with paper towels or warm air or duckcomplex you are notTand close to the water you canTI use it with efficiencyce lesscomplex, basic disinfectantcomplex or alcohol.

3. AvoidTand thermal stress: clockcomplexccomplexremember rightcomplex, the use of hot fluids, avoiding movingcomplexmorning hours etwhen it's very cold, resting in the spaTicomplexas organizationsTpublic authorities etand shops.

4. RevTand an appropriate diet based on fruit etFresh vegetables, rich vitamins, give them the bestTsmoking area, avoiding alcohol use, observing the rest programcomplex.

What you needTin the opinion of Ciuhodaru doctor:
1. Transfer by person
complex the other is done with it's greateteasece from the aircomplex (speech, cough, strcomplexnuts) or by direct or indirect contact with the secretTrespiratory system in their hands or on surfacesTit is contaminated.
2. Most of it
ethenoed over 65, under 5s, pregnant women, immunityTii, patientsTwith affectionTrespiratory or cardiovascular disorders.
3. Avoid
Tand automatedTtake. Any treatment, including vaccination, should becomplexis only broken on a GP or special family's recommendationetfish.
4. Antibiotherapy f
complexrcomplex I'm sorrycomplexnot only ineffectivecomplex, but etits potentialTdangerouscomplex. It can lead to selectionTresist germsTeffects worsenedTcenterscomplex docomplex Multiple undesirable side effects. George SUMANARU

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