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DIGI Car wifi

DIGI Portable is the largest telecommunications operator in Romania at present, this is very clear, but it is not the best, and many of the company’s customers know this, so there is room for many improvements. Currently one of DIGI Mobil’s biggest problems has to do with mobile internet, which is clearly inferior to that offered by other telecom groups, with the differences being large.

DIGI Portable it could solve this problem to a great extent if it offered customers nationwide access to its DIGI Wi-Fi infrastructure, which is now only accessible to customers using its fixed internet services. If DIGI Mobil offered DIGI Wi-Fi access, even to customers using mobile services, it would resolve a very large customer complaint for years, which, to be honest, has very little other. solve.

DIGI Mobile: Really Bad News for RCS & RDS Customers

DIGI Mobile following the example of those from Orange, who have for years had the Wi-Fi infrastructure in Romania with HotSpots available to customers with the idea of ​​offering them a much better internet browsing experience. Of course, Orange didn’t even need such a thing because it had a very high performance network on the mobile internet anyway, but DIGI Mobil would totally benefit from a major change of this kind for customers from all over from Romania.

DIGI Portable neither would it bring too much extra cost to RCS & RDS, which anyway offers DIGI Wi-Fi infrastructure to customers in Romania, so we’re not talking about anything more than an extension of its availability. For DIGI Mobil customers, access to DIGI’s Wi-Fi infrastructure would bring great benefits, and much faster internet at several locations in Romania, but in the end, the decision is with RCS & RDS right now.

DIGI Portable until recently, it was working on an alternative solution for those who want faster internet, as this is the 5G network the operator has thought of, but has stopped developing for the time being, and it is unknown when it will be resumed.

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