Saturday , July 2 2022

Minecraft Earth, a reality for Minecraft fans, added


Minecraft celebrates a decade of existence and launches Minecraft Earth, an extended reality game.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games, which counts for over 55 million users worldwide, and our educational game, which is recommended for children of 6 t age.

At 10 years old Minecraft announced that the new mobile game is available based on extended reality – Minecraft Earth – available to iOS and Android.

Here are some of the things that Minecraft supporters will experience: t

  • Adventure! Small pieces of Minecraft's world can be tested in real life ARs. Players will collect resources, fight against crowds, and gain experience points to progress through their game play.
  • Collect, Explore and Survive! Minecraft Earth contains many Vanilla Minecraft crowds that players know and teach. In time, they will have the opportunity to discover and collect unique variations and use them to populate buildings, but also to raise resources, or to meet the challenges.
  • Create everywhere! Players can build their own creations in "Minecraft Earth" through Building Plates (Plate Building) – best operation of the creative spirit behind the game Vanilla.
  • Multiplayer Cooperative! Thanks to optimizing for multiplayer experiences, anyone who has a smartphone that supports AR and install "Minecraft Earth" will be able to quickly join the game.
  • Sophisticated technology! "Minecraft Earth" combines Microsoft's first-class technology, such as Azure Spatial Anchors and the integration of PlayFab, to provide a sophisticated gaming experience based on extended reality.

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