Thursday , May 26 2022

Maybach has set its sights on the largest car market in the world


Daimler Group plans to double its sales for Maybach luxury models based on high demand from China, the world’s largest car market, the BBC informs.

Daimler, who also owns the Mercedes-Benz brand, sold 12,000 Maybach models in 2019, recording record sales.

Maybach luxury cars are often used as limousines in China, which is also the largest market for the luxury model starting at $ 173,000. However, the price can exceed $ 250,000, depending on the options chosen by the customer, such as leg massage or doors with automatic opening.

The new Maybach model, based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, is intended for customers who use a driver while traveling, and will compete with luxury models like the Bentley Flying Spur and Rolls-Royce Ghost .

Maybach’s sales growth rate in China has double digits, and sales of the brand in Russia, South Korea and the United States are also good, according to Ola Kaellenius, CEO of the luxury brand.

At the same time, other luxury manufacturers have good sales in China. BMW, the parent company of the Rolls-Royce brand, recently announced that the group’s profits increased by nearly 10% in the third quarter due to high demand, mainly from Asia. Rolls-Royce recently unveiled the new Ghost model, which will be priced at nearly 280,000 euros.

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