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Laura Codruta Kovesi's victorious victory against terrorism. Demonstration for Europe!


Laura Codruta Kovesi in ICCJ's voice proved not only that he had not achieved the disciplinary misconduct attributed by the Judicial Inspection, but also the harassment to which the present Power's servants are exposed. She and that part of the judiciary did not admit that they admit that they are going to politics.

The Judicial Inspectorate, led by Lucian Netejoru – who was given an urgent ordinance in her office and now runs for a new mandate – and by Gheorghe Stan, the current head of the SS (Special Section for Investigating Magistrates)) has disturbed Kovesi for two ridiculous reason: he has sent counsel judge to control the merger of judicial practices in several DNA units, and only a written response to the commission's cartoon for the investigation of "Oprea Dining Room".

These inquiries have been transferred to the PSD home press for endless dilution, insults, detectives thrown into the face of the DNA head on the basis of proven Neolithic and Stan's sacrificial collections.

In front of ICCJ 5, IJ's representative was unable to say what delinquency Ms Kovesi was actually misinterpreting and only for the forgiveness of the parliamentary committee until the judges lost their patience.

The SCM Prosecutors Department rejected both disciplinary actions. Now she did, and here ICCJ, in full 5. The ICCJ decided in two separate cases that all harassment of Laurea Codruta Kovesi was completely incomprehensible.

IJ collects two international payments a day (as Ms Kovesi is currently the main actor in European procedure). They add up to 60% of the payments received by the same IJ last year. There is a staggering percentage that none of those looking at each acquittal in a filed file is filed, including whether it is about being paid by one of the CCR's decisions t , blowing.

One of the reasons for the revocation attributed to Ms Kovesi by the Minister of Justice was the pay percentage of about 10%. What does the Minister say about these payments his Defender received from the Judicial Inspection?

Now, when Ms Kovesi is on the final stage of the post of Chief Prosecutor, these payments made by the ICCJ for her reign are proof of the officer, the harassment she has been suffering and text of that. Proof of inferiority, fraud of all kinds of investigations against it.

Because Gheorghe Stan makes the SS what he did in the Judicial Inspection. It is disturbing the order. How else can I lie about the files officially opened to the magistrates?

How else do you explain the hallucinations that were brought to Mrs Kovesi in both cases? Yes, it is frightening to prosecute someone for taking an extradition bribe for an untreated picture that you are trying to testify with witnesses or for implementing the provisions of the Code of Procedure pPnala. I have already detailed the fact that all charges are penetrated.

The sand rises against Kovesi. Point-to-Point Removal – Analysis

What should have destroyed Ms Kovesi is the most important argument for a party. Who is more suitable for a European prosecutor's office than a prosecutor who hates offenders so hard and harasses him with so much anger?

But, as I said, it's not just about Ms Kovesi, but there are hundreds of magistrates disturbed by the Power's instruments. 60% of the Judicial Inspection meant that 60% of those investigated, given to explain, to the SCM and their shame in the press, were innocent.

And most of them were not accused of facts but opinions. Judges such as Ciprian Coada from Constanta Court of Appeal, Bogdan Mateescu from CSM or Cristian Danilet from Cluj Court have been or are being investigated. That is why the judges will be investigated at the Judges' Forum.

Although there is no judge like Adina Lupea (UNJR), who expresses his admiration for Liviu Dragnea's charm, no problem, as she has no pro-PSD Verbal TMB voice that doesn't trigger the r t months -maine year).

This found Liviu Dragnea without IJ stain after he re-freeze Justice and magistrates repeatedly in the mud.

As well as investigating by the Judicial Inspection, 60% of the magistrates investigated, but IJ found they were guilty and CSM and / or ICCJ had found his punishment he had asked for. about it. Netejor and Stan have been disturbed and frightened because they are generally the most precious and radical in the magistrates, the status of which retains many books but also a rigid backbone.

The relay was taken over, as I said, by SS.

This section was challenged by foreign experts has accused a prosecutor of unfair oppression, although the indictment and the probation service have been confirmed in the first place, which had condemned "victim of unjust oppression" to four years of imprisonment being executed. The victim was Andreea Cosma, who moved to the SS headquarters.

If the prosecutor has committed unjust oppression and has prosecuted an innocent person, knowing that he is innocent, as accused by the SS, he means judges who have declared themselves full in 3 ICCJ or are taken by stupidity, or they will also be prosecuted in turn.

There is such pressure pressure on the call and unacceptable intervention in an ongoing process.

Intervention similar to the explanations ICCJ asked about specialist pollution plots, only two weeks before Dragnea lawyers raise an exception in this respect at the Bombonica appeal. Threatening or gathering intelligence in defense, is called unimaginable intervention.

And, like the candy on the coliva, SS gave ICCJ solution in luju.ro. It has not been given to him by the ICCJ!

SS filed a Tel Drum file of the DNA anonymously on an anonymous denial, when investigating the Prosecutor of Negulescu for considering an anonymous disclaimer.

The SS is asking for a file after a DNA file is calling against some magistrates and if I were in the place of those involved with those cases, I wouldn't be very quiet. For example, in the SS there is a file relating to Victor Ponta (first acquittal). What would Liviu Dragnea want to do to Ponta?

And who should investigate the possible unjust legal case committed by an SS prosecutor? One SS prosecutor, of course.

But in the case of DNA, how was it? I seem to hear the question. The PICCJ was investigating the unreasonable oppression of a DNA prosecutor, not the DNA. This is the difference between the DNA section of the DNA, which only deals with the charges of corruption against the magistrates, and the SS applies to any action taken. committed by a magistrate, that she is corruption, is unfair, kills family and drunken driving. Everyone at the SS is for anything, and SS is on hand.

"For the first time I feel I have a wrong job in an inappropriate country," said an entertaining magistrate with great experience and an invaluable CV. Do we then think that the magistrates retire on their heads, as a form of giving the best to salvation in front of a terrible stunt?

Even, even in the days of Rodica Stanoiu, such terrorism was not triggered against the judiciary. Scare criminals against magistrates.

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