Wednesday , June 29 2022

Kit Harington's message to critics and abbreviations; Game Thrones Game


The finale of the Triad Games sparked warm reactions and many judges. More than 1,000,000 signatures have been signed to the petition requesting restoration of the 8th season.

Kit Harington, the actor who played Jon Snow for eight years, predicted the criticism of the end of the show. In an interview in April for the May issue of Esquire, he talked about the burden of rising to the expectations of fans:

"I don't want to sound bad, however y I spent half an hour writing about this season and criticizing them telling them in my mind to go to hell. Because I know how much it has worked on " t, Kit said in the Esquire interview, quoted by

In turn, Sophie Turner responded, and Sansa Stark, played earlier this week to these critics on social networks. He told the New York Times that the supporters' reaction was not surprised because they always imagined how this series would end, and now things weren't going out as they wanted, t they're doing it and revolutionizing it.

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