Saturday , January 22 2022

It's happening in Romania! ANAF stem unlike a person with disabilities


The young man in a wheelchair has a musical career at the local level, without attracting a little to the piano.

However, the ANAF decision forces tradespeople to choose between retirement and income from those activities. Although he is a disabled person in the first degree of disability, Robert Gavrilescu finds himself in a position to stay with an income of just 640 places, a state pension.

Last month, the Romanian state decided to give the best artistic activities to avoid losing the 640 places offered by the state.

"Unfortunately, in Romania, someone with a first degree disability allowance can not build up a pension with other income, this privilege is only given by the governors. I am in the position to choose between the pension of 640 places and other income. I chose the pension, "said Robert Gavrilescu, quoted by Gazeta de Sud.

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