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It's good to know! Good Foods Against Depression PUBLICATION. MD


Low condition and depression are cases that occur more often than not today, in people of all ages.

Medication and psychotherapy help to treat these symptoms, but otherwise it's important to know that what we choose to use can have an equally powerful effect on our mental state. This is what food scientists testify to being very good at fighting mood swings and depression!

The turkey meat

The traditional US poultry on Thanksgiving Day includes tryptophan, a highly essential protein that the body uses to produce serotonin. This is a chemical in the brain, which plays a key role in depression, the researchers say. In fact, some antidepressants appear to be functioning by considering how the brain uses serotonin. It can achieve the same effect on the mood by eating chicken and soy.


It is a good source of vitamin D. If you have very low levels of this nutrient in your body, this can sometimes cause symptoms of depression or even depression itself. A study in Norway found that people taking vitamin D supplementation were less low than people who did not. Don't you like milk? Include vitamin D in your daily diet through cereals that have been enhanced with dietary supplements, juice and / or fish cans.

Brazil nuts

This snack is full of selenium, a substance that helps protect your body from small, harmful particles from the name of free radicals. One study found that young people who did not have enough of this nutrient in their diet were more likely to be depressed. Researchers could not say for sure whether low selenium was causing depression, but it is known that it plays a vital role, writing t

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