Wednesday , September 28 2022

"It was double suspicious"


Voice Romania's duels are complicated, which constantly surprises the audience. In their third series, Irina Rimes was prepared an incredible moment.

Feihong Basigu ac Ştefania Roman There were two characters from auditions. The young Chinese settled in Pittsburgh and the warm voice of Stephanie with jazz influences inspiring Irina to create a surprise duet. The choice of training was "Sweet Dreams" of those of Eurythmics.

Preparing for the momentum of Objections was a difficult one for both competitors. Tackling weight was high, but it was worthwhile, and the result of the audience was appreciated.

"There are two children I've fallen in love," said Irina after the musical moment ended.

"It was a very suspicious door. It does not mean anything bad." "You have two very nice characters. Smiley.

In addition Smiley was felt by Feihong's sounds during his performance, which was similar to Eskimos.

Andra He would have chosen to hear Feihong more. It seems to him that Stephen is more advantageous than playing.

Chirilă He appreciated Irina's bravery to prepare such an unplanned moment. Unlike Smiley, it did not seem so suspicious. Tudor ended with his recommendation – Stephanie – because "It was easy to see the quality of his voice."

Irina's decision was different from her colleague's recommendation. Feihong chose. Stephanie left the competition.

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