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"It seems we have made the intervention in time"


Eugen Cristea was black. The actor appeared at an event and gave the first statements after the intervention.

Immediately from the hospital, Eugen Cristea appeared at an eye bandage event. The actor made the first statements after the interference he suffered and testified that he was feeling well at the moment, but also that he was fortunate because he got to the doctors in time. (READ ADDITIONAL: ANNOUNCE CRISTA INCLUDING THE CERTAIN CEREBRAL SCHOOL! PRESENT "FERIŢI DE VÍ MÓGÓRUŞ": "LIVE, ALL LOTTERY!")

"It's not a cataract surgery, and it looks like we did it in time. I am presenting myself in these conditions because I'm almost in hospital , but I can not lose because I still believe very strongly in friendship and I wanted to be this time, and on this occasion, along with Marina. (…) Everything is ok … I was just a bit brave, I made the difference in one month, the first time in the right eye and then in the left eye. This is cataract nad he has nothing to do with a healthy and healthy lifestyle, and as the doctors' team told me ", Eugen Cristea said at a television show.

Eugen Cristea has been married for more than three decades with Cristina Deleanu

Eugen Cristea has been married for over three decades with actor Cristina Deleanu, The and one of the secrets that are saved with each other for as long as it is … recipe. Although the actress cooks very well, her husband's favorite will continue "the famous hot coconut", and when she receives her, she reward her wife with ten lei.

"I give him 10 lei. And she's having fun with her"Explain the actor. Do not drink very often but once a week"Look, I'll put them here in the scent. I make a collection. 40 layers were collected this month"Adds, laughs, Cristina Deleanu. (SEE A: NETWORK CRISTA TRANSFORMED GARSONIER IN THE MUSEUM! THE ACTOR IS MORE MORE THAT THE WOMAN'S READ …)

The drink is really tasty and healthy, it contains antioxidants and it has been prepared in a few minutes. "Put the water to boil, add cocoa, small sugar and prepare, "explain the actress." It's great. My favourite"Her husband praises.

The nutrition's help was needed on it

Moderation is the word of order in the diet of both. Eat healthy, small and varied. I've been used for six years since they first went to the nutritionist.

"I did not get my blood sugar well and went to Lygia Alexandrescu for advice. He recommended a system that I kept strictly for 4 years. I've lost 10 pounds, and I'm now keeping it. They also maintain the style of food, which includes small and common meals. In fact, they are not called meals, they are called interventions, insight. The nutritionist did not ban anything, just merely arranged our meals"Eugen Cristea said at

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