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it has a business of millions of euros. Huge minute in “Stephen the Great”


Pablo Cortacero and the group of foreign investors have not yet fulfilled their promises to Dinamo footballers, employees and supporters, and management is looking for alternatives to get the necessary funds, which would improve the situation dramatic. It seems that a foreign businessman is ready to help the club, and the Turkish press has discovered who he is.

Dinamo sits on a powdered keg. Coaches Cosmin Contra and Reyes left the team, while players Isma Lopez and Borja Valle terminated their contract with the team of “Ştefan cel Mare”. All this time, Pablo Cortacero is missing, though he promised to invest heavily in Dinamo through the group he represents.

Dinamo’s marketing director, Radu Birlică, recently announced that he had convinced a Turkish businessman to invest in “Ştefan cel Mare”, and the foreign press forwarded his name Abdullah Kiğılı.

Who comes to donate money in Dinamo instead of Cortacero! A foreign businessman was convinced

Dinamo shareholders and managers have begun to look for other ways for the club to survive.

Dinamo’s marketing director, Radu Birlică, recently revealed that he was negotiating with a Turkish businessman, who would sponsor Dinamo: “He wants to sponsor the club with a very large amount. He also sponsors Fenerbahce club and another first league club in Turkey. They have a very big clothing factory in Turkey. We have a personal relationship, I convinced him , I explained “I told him we have the most beautiful gallery, that Dinamo is a brand. We also submitted the negative and positive parts and they agree to join us in these conditions. “, Birlică told GSP Live.

Who is Abdullah Kiğılı, the businessman who wants to sponsor Dinamo! It has a multi-million euro business and is involved with Fenerbahce

The news that Dinamo would be sponsored by a Turkish businessman also reached the press in Crescent, and the journalists sent Abdullah Kiğılı’s name as the one who would send money to “Stephen the Great”, according to

Kiğılı is the founder and current owner of the company that bears his name, a major apparel retailer in the Turkish market. In total, Kiğılı has 225 stores overseas, in addition to those opened in Turkey.

At the age of 77, Abdullah Kiğılı has been vice president of Fenerbahce since 22 May 2009, one of the traditional clubs in Turkey and Europe. He also held management positions in İstanbulspor, the wrestling federation and the ski federation. The businessman, who was interested in sponsoring Dinamo, also got a short term as president of the Turkish football federation in 1997.

According to media reports, Abdullah Kiğılı earns millions of euros a year, and joining a big club like Dinamo could be a win-win move for both sides.

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PHOTO: Abdullah Kiğılı, the businessman interested in sponsoring Dinamo Bucharest

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