Tuesday , May 17 2022

iPad Pro, a tablet is stronger than Apple laptop, is very fragile


The iPhone 6 launch was one of the most controversial in Apple's history, especially because phones could be easily folded or fractured, because of the very soft aluminum used by the company to make the external case. Although iPhones have been upgraded to stronger aluminum in the meantime to avoid such situations, it seems that the same comment has not been paid to the new iPad tablets that can be destroyed & Effective with very little effort.

The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel has become famous for smartphone resistant tests, and the new iPad Pro is one of the devices that will end the "cell shelf" alongside smart phones such as iPhone 6, Netbit Robin and some other devices in Xiaomi and Huawei.

Although the table appears from premium quality materials at first glance, the screen has been covered with glass, and the aluminum case is not as difficult as the iPhone X- new series. The bottle appears to be extremely exceptional, which is why it could be easily cut, and there is a microphone hole on the sides of tablets and an area for loading and connecting the Apple Pencil stylus, which is # 39; n frog.

Simple bending with a direct force of half is enough to cut the table in half, which leads to its total destruction. The casino can not be brought back to its original condition, and the protected display and glass are unnecessarily damaged. Finally but not least, the glass that protects the camera is also easy to scratch.

If you intend to buy a leaflet of this type, more care needs to be used. Try not to get rid of it, do not sit on it and keep in a school bag that could be hit by transporting other objects around. What's okay, tablets are not always in a pocket, and are not used in "so dangerous" environments, only home or office devices, but they are important better protection, taking into account the vulnerability they can be.

Given the high repair costs and higher prices, we would have expected more resistance to the latest and most powerful tablets that Apple has released to date.

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