Tuesday , March 2 2021

"I believe we've won"

Today, the Court of Appeal gave a first ruling in the case where Forestry Commission wants to cancel the eight brands held by CSA Steaua for professional football. That court abolished the decision of the Tribunal, who had rejected League 1, and the case will be judged on the merits.

"We request cancellation of these CSA marks because they have broken the football regulations that have established since 1992 that professional football teams can only run the joint stock companies. They are also a Military Unit who can not do professional football.

Mr Otelea, as a club commander, even indicated that regulation at that time. Subsequently, in 2000, the same provisions in sport law were laid. From 1996 to 2013, these badges were recorded in bad faith. The great benefit today is that the case will ultimately be judged according to the merits, because so far each court has apologized for the decision of the High Court"says sources close to the Forestry Commission.

"We respect the magistrates and we do not allow us to make statements, but we confirm, because it is already public information that the case is the role of the Court of Appeal"says the lawyer of the BSPC, Adrian Cavescu.

At the same time, the decision of the Supreme Court of Casio and Justice will no longer be tried before the Court of Appeal received by the Steaua CSA to abolish the Forestry Commission's trademark.


What processes are there:

  • For the minute: December 11, at the Bucharest Tribunal
  • For compensation: December 5, Bucharest Court
  • CSA calls for cancellation of Forestry Commission marks: December 12, at the Court of Appeal

Gigi Becali exults

Gigi Becali is of the opinion that today's decision is the start and end for Talpan:

"We won the trial with Talpan and CSA at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, we lost to Bucharest Court, and the Court of Appeal admitted the appeal, rejecting all CSA requests as unacceptable, and set a deadline on January 23, 2019 to trial. He did not go back to the Bucharest Tribunal but had canceled the sentence and tried the case of the start in the Court of Appeal. "

He received about 80%, and in other words it does admit to what our solicitor wrote. It means we, as soon as we get the mark again. If we get it, it will cancel all of their brands for the football class. They fall out of rights if you are 5 years old and do not use them. We get our Bucharest Club Star Club, we are reviewing and using for injury. This is an atomic bomb! We destroy Talpan permanently"said Gigi Becali at the Digi Sport TV.


In a statement released after the Court's verdict, Florin Talpan has secured Steaua's supporters that Gigi Becali's joy is useless, announcing that The magistrates' decision says today that the Steaua Bucharest trademark remains at Gcecea. However, he acknowledges that the Public Services Commission's appeal has partially accepted and that the process between the two entities continues.

"Star Steaua / Steaua Bucharest is staying at our home at Steaua Club Here's how the judges of the Bucharest Court of Appeal today decided:>

Among other petitions, Forestry Commission solicitors asked the Bucharest Tribunal (rejected actions) and the Bucharest Court of Appeal to cancel the Steaua / Steaua Bucharest marks, based on the existence of a bad faith when filing the application for registration on the basis that the Steaua Bucuresti Club marks have registered with the opposite of the earlier rights that belong to the Forestry Commission's candidate who is derived from a famous trademark that was not have registered under the name STEAUA and respectively, the STEAUA sign used in its commercial activity during the period 2003-2015 obtained before the filing date of applications to register the following marks that.

As quoted above by the Court of Appeal, the request of the Forestry Commission solicitors was refused.

It is true that the appeal is partially accepted. But as long as Steaua stays at home at the Steaua Army Sports Club, it does not matter. The process really has ended, only a game has been played, and I think I've won . The Commission also asked for a perception of the brand reputation of Star brand, which it did not belong to and not belong to it. In fact it is cheap to excuse the law in some way and to avoid a definitive and indivisible sentence by HCCJ. But he did not succeed today, the judges are refusing to cancel Steaua's trademark that belongs to the Steaua Club of Bucharest, and because of his failure to have a bad faith, "said Florin Talpan.

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