Wednesday , December 8 2021

How much gold is on the ground?


In addition, research shows that there is still some 54 thousand tonnes of underground gold reserve, waiting to be exploited.

It is considered that this metal is so valuable, unlike other goods, almost all gold mining is available on the ground in the possession of a man.

Of total gold stock, over 90,000 tonnes, almost half of the total, are used in the jewelry sector. There are private investments where 40,000 tonnes are used, and governments have a total of 32,000 tonnes of gold.

Most of the gold is really used to make jewelery, but there are many industries that use more or less of this precious metal. We are talking about 27,000 tonnes here, most of us going to the IT industry. Electronic factories sometimes use up to 12% tons are removed annually.

It's happening, however, that most gold used for gadgets will reach the demolition of rubbish. 7% of the total gold that has been removed over time is now landfill. It was thrown away with electronic products that contain precious metals. And the amount of gold and waste could increase proportionally with telephone and table sales.

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