Sunday , January 17 2021

For those with small budgets, but great expectations

Motorola has had a very exciting strategy in recent years – rather than trying to cut across the leading manufacturers, it has focused its attention on the medium segment.

And, every year, Motorola manages to shine with some cheap, but quality phones. And if I mentioned the look, let's talk about design.

G7 Plus Moto Design

Moto G7 Plus is the largest of the three brothers introduced last month. With a small margin display and a similar type of tear, the G7 Plus successfully outlines last year's model, at least ahead of the game. On the back and at the edges we have a combination of glass and metal, a lightweight sliding camera and an elegant pint for a fingerprint sensor.

The phone is not too heavy or too easy to hold in hand despite the 6.2 inch screen and if someone tells you how much it costs by looking at it, it's You'd probably say two- three times higher.

The smart phone is nice and nice to touch it, the buttons and the fingerprint sensor have been installed in a responsible manner, a headphone jack and a USB charging port t -C. So from a design perspective, just fine.


The demonstration is the IPS type and has a full HD + resolution. There is a screen that will make you excuse "wow," but it is bright, it has a good contrast and the colors are fine. I'd have liked to have lighter colors in fan of supersaturated tones, but the movies and games are very good on Moto G7 Plus, so I have no reason to complain.

The side edges do not exist at all, which contributes to ergonomics and makes the smartphone easy to hold, and the top and bottom edges are thin enough to not disturb.

The shredder type is quite deep and obvious, but is less intrusive than a beak-like knife.

On the whole, the display is not a leading one, but it's good for any kind of task, no matter where it's used. We will also be talking here about the strong volume of stereo speakers who also complement the multimedia experience.

Specifications and performance

The G7 Plus is also the most advanced smartphone in the new Moto range – with a Snapdragon 636 processor that consists of eight core which is well performed in terms of benchmark and daily usage. With its help from 4GB RAM, the smart phone is performing well in browsing and productivity applications, but also in pretty difficult games.

There will be moments of slowness, especially after longer sessions, but nothing to be very annoying.

In short, the performances are good to very good – nothing to embarrass to this chapter.

Standard storage is 64GB, but you can extend it with a microSD card up to 512GB. Now, let's talk a bit about the battery – the G7 Plus Moto battery comes with a 3,000 mA battery.

The battery is small if the size of the screen, but we manage to take a day off if we don't create the smartphone too much. For a power user, the chances of not picking up the phone before bedtime are quite small, but here comes another smart phone – it comes with a 27W fast load and loads 100% less than an hour and about 40 t % in 15 minutes, impressive.

It is also worth talking about the operating system and the user experience. Moto G7 Plus runs Android 9 Pie in almost a version, with all the benefits of rigor. The system has been optimized and without flotation and Motorola promises constant and fast updates.


The G-Series smartphones have never exceeded the camera, but Gola Plus Motorola seems to have changed a little and has given more attention to integrated sensors. G7 Plus includes a dual back panel camera with a f / 1.7 pixel sensor, 1.52 micron pixels and an optical image stabilization, and a 5MP sensor used as a depth sensor.

The camera takes pictures of a good quality day and, amazingly, at night. There's nothing impressive about G7 Plus photos, but one of the best you will ever get with smartphone in this range, and the addition of the Optical Stabilization System makes it t feel daily and night.

The main advantage of the main camera is that it can shoot at 4K at 30 frames per second – the previous generation knew that HD was only full, so there is a clear evolution of the previous generation.

The front camera is also decent, with 12MP and 1.22 micron, which can also 4K at 30 frame per second. Motorola has integrated many creative ways you can use and more will be welcomed by those who want a social networking phone.

Moto G7 Plus costs around 1300 places, an exceptional price for the specifications listed above. But before we come to a clear conclusion, let's review the positive points with the drawbacks.

positive points:

  • Successful design, quality
  • Good performance to very good
  • Clean operating system
  • Fixed rooms
  • Very fast loading


  • Autonomy is not impressed
  • Notice quite ugly

The conclusion is that the G7 Moto Plus is one of the best smartphones or even the best smartphone under 1.500 lei you can buy right now. It's for those who want a quick phone, a high screen that can rely on a money wagon and not to spend it.

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