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FOLLOWING CASE: Throwing up the stairs after what was being drained. The one who gave him the drug was arrested on a preventative basis – news sources


DIICOT Timisoara was a man for trading in high-risk drugs, prosecutors claimed he had destroyed a group of close relatives, including minors. In September, two small children went to the home of a colleague where the man was. There they used drugs, one of which was thrown down the stairs, being injured. The arrested man was deterrent.

"Indeed, the defendant Matusciac Alexandru was admitted to conduct high-risk drug (cocaine, amphetamine, ecstasy) trading activities and distributed to a circle of close relatives. The cause was that the defendant used to hold private parties, who were also invited for fine people, who offered them high risk drugs.

In this context, on 21.09.2018, around 8.00, two small pupils from an educational establishment in Timisoara decided not to attend courses and that day and went home to a place colleague and was the defendant Mutisceac Alexandru also.

At that location, both small people used high-risk drugs, which were available to them by defendant Matusciac Alexandru, the people who are currently taking cocaine and amphetamine for several hours.

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About 14:00, on the background of the use of drugs, one of the under-age's went to a bathroom and flat, located on the second floor of the building, where it was falling. After the effect, the minor suffered serious injuries, with multiple cracks in the spine, the members and the surface.

Subsequently, the minor to move around 25m of the site affected an attempt to reach an exit by dialing the unique emergency number where the event announced.

Due to the state of confusion where he was, because of drug use, the minor could not give exact details of where he was, and the police crew and ambulance service to & # 39; w found after about an hour of searches.

On the occasion of the house search carried out in the Timisoara area, at the defendant's home, 83 ecstasy tablets were found and constructed.

The research in question has shown that, in 2017, DEA, Europol and the Dutch police have destroyed the Cryptomarket network hosted by the Darknet-Alphabey platform.

After analyzing the data on people who have ordered a drug, many people who have booked a folder have been posted on that site using the platform, including Matusciac Alexandru. On the occasion of the checks carried out, it was established that the defendant, Matwsciac Alexandru, had received between 7 months and August 2017 between June and August 2017, and there was a doubt that they included fentanyl, "according to DIICOT.

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