Thursday , May 26 2022

Explosives! Is Chefi’s team falling apart with knives? The stars from Antena threw 1 harsh words together


This time, the contestants from the three teams led by Sorin Bontea, Florin Dumitrescu and Cătălin Scarlătescu must prepare plates worthy of an 80s and 90s bairam!

Each team of “Cooks with knives” agreed to prepare a rich plate, full of various dishes. At one point, Florin Dumitrescu was delighted that even sausage will be cut on top, in the shape of a cross.

He also wanted to share the discovery with his friend and set colleague, Cătălin Scarlătescu, but things didn’t go as expected. Under extreme stress, he sort of “sent” Florin Dumitrescu without giving way to dialogue.

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