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EXCLUSIVE What happened during the filming of New Year’s Eve Under Negotiation 2021. Antena 1 broke the law, according to current


There was madness in the Antena 1 movie sets, where, then and now, dozens of artists from all over Romania, more and more well-known names, gathered from time to time to film New Year’s Eve hosted by Dan Du every year. Since the soloists no longer had shows during the pandemic, they rushed to appear on television on the night between the years, for a fee negotiated in blood.

What happened during the filming of New Year’s Eve Under Negotiation 2021

Dan Negru has released photos for this year’s New Year’s Eve, despite restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “Together with the TV production team, we decided to film New Year’s Eve in early December. So it’s being done! With all the security measures,” said the director of Antena 1 in the online environment, assuring ‘ The artists will take all security measures so that they are not infected with Covid-19. reporters present to you the first shots from the filming for Dan Negru’s New Year’s Eve. However, the images show from a post office that the safeguards were not followed, and that they were even completely lost. Artists do not wear masks, they sit next to each other, there is no distance and they embrace. Artists who were not afraid of coronavirus and who took part in the filming include Mihai Trăistariu, Ruby, Cătălin Crișan, Connect-R, Adriana Trandafir, who already had a serious form of the disease, Maria Buză, Jojo, Jador, the footballer Giani Kirita and Elena Merisoreanu.

Elena Merișoreanu overcame her fear of coronavirus and received an invitation 1 from Antena

A week ago, Elena Merișoreanu announced for Playtech that she will not go to any filming for New Year’s Eve, because the protection measures are not being followed. “I went to film for New Year’s Eve, but a lot of people. I don’t go anymore. There was no distance, nothing, there were about 20-30 soloists. No masks, nothing. I don’t leave, I refused, all the time last I told them I had a cold. I’m also old, I can’t risk my life for a bit of filming “, said Elena Merișoreanu, for only.

They got sick on their heads, after filming on several TV stations, for the holiday program!

Several artists have recently complained that they became ill with a coronavirus, having taken part in the filming of several TV stations for the Holiday artistic program. There, they hugged and took group pictures, completely ignoring the rules of the pandemic. Thus, 55-year-old Steliana Sima was tested positive in the covid test. Here’s what it states on November 27, on Antena Stars:

“I don’t feel good at all. Last night I was very ill, I was about to call Salvation. I managed to stabilize the temperature and cough, they kill me. I managed to keep it under control, at 37.8 cough is what kills me. I have such a feeling of lying. I had no taste or smell for about three days. Now they come back to me, but I don’t understands why this “parsimonious” virus turned it on again. Usually after 5 days I should have felt good “. Marian Haiducu also tested positive. “I also got nausea: my legs hurt a lot, some weird aches I never had, and low-grade fever. I went to shows for the holidays, I heard that many people were infected with Covid-19”, he said Marian Haiducu, for

Andrei, brother and sister-in-law, confirmed positively

Andrei Măruță’s brother and sister-in-law also became ill with coronavirus. Sandel and Aurora Mihai are the latest to appear on the list of artists who were infected after participating in the filming for New Year’s Eve. The couple Aurora and Săndel Mihai are folk music performers and a week ago attended a set with several singers who later showed symptoms specific to the coronavirus: “We feel good, my mom disappeared smell and my taste. I had no other symptoms, no fever, nothing at all ”, they also mentioned the same source.

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