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eMAG, black Friday hysteria on Bucharest streets: powerful cars, motorcycles, helicopters


EMAG has released the promotional video for the Black Friday event this year. In 2018, the online shop brings convenient trade on the streets of Bucharest, with special effects such as the best operating films.

EMAG. – A list of all Black Friday 2018 proposals will be published on the event website that you can get from the LINK.

Those of eMAG have competed against this time and are preparing the Black Friday 2018. The promotional video and event, which was launched a few days before that, introduced us to the adrenaline atmosphere that & We stayed on the day with the largest discounts throughout the year.

In pictures there is a scary race with horses that have a great deal of horse force, on the streets of Bucharest. There are many motorcycles in the landscape, but there are also many young people doing Parkkour on roofs of buildings and the capital. Everything in the temporary jump after the eMAG discounts. Moreover, even a helicopter, with special effects such as the best operating films, appears in the frame.

eMAG Black Friday 2018 – Shopping Guide

EMAG has also published the shopping guide that suggests some tips to avoid losing the most important discounts. In just 5 simple steps, we can get your hands at the best prices.

eMAG, Black Friday Tip 2018 – Prepare the list of favorite products – More specifically, if you do not know, you can do shopping lists on the eMAG website, online and on the mobile application. You can save the products that you are interested in and watch live when you drop prices directly to what you are interested in. He says there will be over three million bids in each category.

eMAG, the advice of the Black Friday 2018 – Make sure you have full details on your account – To give details of this advice, eMAG offers you the ability to buy very quickly, but you have to have all your personal information installed in time , both on the site of the retailer and on the application. First of all, you can make an account, which can be done with your Facebook account, very simply then you can access this account to the website and the mobile application. Fill in the delivery address and see what kind of supply you prefer. The eMAG has made 15 exhibits and 600 post offices this year, which can be personalized, much easier. You can check the site that is closest to you.

Tip 3 without eMAG by Black Friday 2018 – Install the eMAG application and discover when Black Friday starts – Install eMAG on your mobile or tablets. Find your app very easily in the app store or reproduce, depending on your operating system. After you install it, log in and log in, and then update to get the latest version. Additionally, do not forget to give your data access to your personal data in your phone so that you can send the most important notification when the event starts. Learn in a few seconds after the Black Friday starts in this way.

Tip Two eMAG's 4th Tip – With the saved card you are buying immediately – Save your bank card data to eMAG account at my cards. If you have more cards, you can keep them all. You can order even faster and safely. Of course, you can use the payment methods available, ie you can choose to pay for collection or delivery. It is important that all data has already been completed so you can move quickly when it's Black Friday on the eMAG website.

Ball Friday Two 2018 5 eMAG – Continue shopping and feeling adrenalin on the day with the biggest discounts per annum – Stay on site and continue shopping, new offers appear through the day. Black Friday is only once a year! In the last few years, eMAG has received a "two wave" refund so that initial stocks could be added. It is hard to predict what hours this will happen, but most likely in the second part of Friday, November 16th. In recent years, a wave of 2 night discharges occurred between 3 and 7 am and night.

eMAG – By Black Friday you have leisurely shopping with pay per view

Do not forget to buy in installments with up to 60 interest rates with different cards from Raiffeisen Bank, but also from Alpha Bank, ING, Brd, EuroLine, BCR, BRD and many other options. Everything You See HERE.

Emag starts year with Mercedes of the Black Friday

From Black Friday, at eMAG, pay with your Mastercard Card or your Maestro card and you can win an absolutely spectacular prize, Mercedes Benz GLC 250 Coupe.

It is impossible not to shop out of all the categories that will be available on this 2018 Black Friday of eMAG: from TV, mixers, phones, washing machines, refrigerators, laptops, sports products, to stoves , tablets, perfume, epilators and chettes, including DIY, desgops, clothes, electric toothbrushes, make-ups, audio files, cameras, PC components, sound heads, shoulders, media, bags, printers and scanners, monitors, tires, toys , toys, books, mattresses, furniture, pet shops, diapers, trolleys, gardening, gadgets, car seats, dishwashers, microwave ovens, portable players and speakers, sofas, supermarket, navigation gps, clocks, films, video projectors but also other surprising categories.

Amongst the most important brands that you see in Black Friday 2018 eMAG are Samsung, Tefal, Rowenta, Electrolux, Pampers, OralB, LG, Philips, Nespresso, Beko, Bosch, Fifa19, Braun, Gillette, Foreo, Grohe, Asus, Kingston or Lenovo .

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