Thursday , January 21 2021

Effects of Influenza! Studies show a greater risk of vascular accident

According to studies, the flu virus is at risk of a 40% higher risk for a future stroke. Everything can happen in just 14 days after you become ill with flu. The explanation of this situation is that flu can cause bleeding, inflammation of the body that makes us increasingly vulnerable. The announcement is frightening especially after too many deaths in Romania. "In general there is a series of defects that can be translated by: mouth collapse, formation of surface discomfort on the part with paralysis; a specific deficit – the hand on the affected side does not have sufficient strength; a walking disorder – the A disproportionate walk patient without the necessary rhythm.

Along with paralysis, speech disorder can also occur – the patient curses the words, he can understand, but can not speak correctly. Here are signs of an ischemic afocat that are often hidden by the illness or family. The neurologist can identify other specific disciplines, " according to a doctor indicating ischemic stroke signs.

A scary announcement! More risk of stroke to those suffering from flu like a visa!

A recent study shows that, because of the flu, we can get a vascular accident easier. These were done by the University of Columbia and was published by the American Cardiology Society. Within the first 14 days of contacting the flu virus, the risk of having a stroke increases. Unfortunately, the experts show that the risk continues even a year away. In the first 30 days of flu, the risk of blocking the neck is higher. Indeed, this is the main cause of stroke among young adults.

  • Look for dietary additives or other medications that people with diseases Sometimes they take it without the recommendation doctors. I am not intelligent of self-medication; it is advisable to use the expert's opinion. During hot weather, vasodilau is already due to high temperatures. If another vasodilator is taken as a dietary supplement, the patient may accuse headaches – due to the administration of the attachment. This pain occurs 30-40-50 minutes after taking the capsules. Patients are required to seek medical advice if they can use dietary supplements or any other medication other than those prescribed.
  • Hydration is very important. During warming times, the amount of fluid that is eaten daily needs to be added – more than two liters of water, juice or tea per day.

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