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DSP Sibiu: Over 11,000 doses of flu vaccine arrive at GPs on Tuesday


Sibiu News, 23.11.2020

More than 11,000 doses of flu vaccine will be distributed, on Tuesday, to GPs in Sibiu County, as part of the free population vaccination campaign, Krisztina Gaal, spokeswoman for the Sibiu Public Health Directorate, told StirideSibiu .

The last two tranches, 7,200 doses and 4,150 doses, reached Sibiu’s DSP between Nov. 12-16 and dose distribution to doctors will begin Tuesday.

Influenza vaccine for GPs in the county, which will vaccinate people from risk groups provided in the Methodology for surveillance of acute respiratory infections (ARI), acute respiratory-friendly infections (ILI) and infections severe acute respiratory. (SARI) for the 2020-2021 season arrived at the headquarters of the Sibiu County Public Health Directorate in mid-November 2020. From tomorrow, November 24, 2020, begins vaccine distribution in the territory, to continue the free vaccination campaign, “he said Krisztina Gaal.

According to the DSP, the following are considered at risk groups for influenza vaccination: people aged 6 months to 64 years with chronic medical conditions such as lung, cardiovascular, metabolic, renal, hepatic, neurological, diabetes, obesity, asthma. or with human immunodeficiency virus; Children 6 months old – 59 months; pregnant women; doctors, mid-level health workers and ancillary staff, from hospitals and outpatient health units, including employees of care organizations (children or elderly) and chronically ill units, who by their nature have respiratory contact with patients or care givers. ; people, adults and children, residents of social care establishments, as well as persons providing medical, social care and home care to high risk people and Persons aged 65 or over.

To date, the Ministry of Health has distributed 19,050 doses of vaccine to Sibiu County, distributed in 4 tranches.

In the 2019-2020 season, the flu vaccine began on October 21, 2019, and in February 2020, the 26,800 doses dispensed to Sibiu County were exhausted.

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