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DIGI, lowering profits | Energetic focus


The net profit of the Digi Communications NV Group totaled EUR 18.9 million during the nine months of the year, 2.3 times lower than in January-September 2017, when it stood at EUR 44.2 million.

In addition, the group identified a 9.9% increase in revenues for the first nine months of the year, from EUR 684.1 million to EUR 752 million, according to the financial data presented to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

Romania is the main market of the group, generating 65% of revenue, followed by Hungary (20%), followed by Spain (12%) and Italian (2%).

In Romania, the group said that there was an increase in the cable service segment and a stable internet service, with 8.7% subscriptions to cable television services (3.2 million RGU on September 30, 2018 compared to 3 million RGU, on 30 September 2017) and 10.5% for fixed service subscriptions on the Internet (2.5 million RGU on 30 September 2018 compared to 2.2 million RGU for the same period of previous year). In the case of mobile telephony services, Digi is a conductor that can be transported with around 31% of the total market, representing almost 185,000 numbers being transported to the Digi Mobil network during the first nine months per year.

In Hungary, the Digi Hungary branch (including Invitel) branch revenues increased to 54.6 million euros, and Digi strengthened its leading position in the cable television market. On the fixed Internet segment, Digi is the second operator (with a share of the market of more than 25%), while on the fixed telephony segment he has a share of the market of around 23%. The strong jobs on this market are the prerequisites for launching mobile telephony services.

Spain and Italy recorded a significant increase of 46% in subscribers, from 971,000 RGU on 30 September 2017 to 1,4 million RGUs on September 30, 2018. Digi Spain stood as the leader of the MVNO market (virtual mobile operator) and the fifth mobile operator on the Iberia market, with an increasing presence on the ground through the 3,000 sales points.

In the first three quarters of the year, around 142,000 mobile numbers were ported to the Digi Spain. The final month of the third quarter also marked the launch of fixed services on the Spanish market. In both mature European markets, Digi Communications is going to address diaspora and Romans and local clients.

"We managed to reach EBITDA of 237 million euros at group level, 10.6% from the first nine months of the previous year, with 81.7 million euros in the third quarter of this year. By maintaining a consistent and consistent investment rate, we managed to record a free cash flow from around € 35 million, accrued in nine months. Increasing revenue in each market is supported by the evolution of the total RGU by 12.2% and we are approaching the threshold of 15 million income generation units. The development of communications infrastructure electronic is important for the evolution of the whole society and, following this objective, we will continue to invest in the fiber optic network in Romania and Hungary, where we reach (over) over 7 million homes passed, "said Sergei Bulgarian, general manager of the Digi Communications Group.

Digi Communications NV is the parent company of electronic communications operator, RCS & RDS, internet market leader, television pay and convergence services in Romania, with operations in Hungary, Spain and Italy. After establishing nearly 25 years ago, the company had, at 31 December 2017, assets worth more than € 1,342 billion.

In Romania, the Digi Group is currently the largest private entrepreneur in the local entrepreneurial environment with around 13,000 employees (15,000 in each market where it operates) Contributing to the state budget and social insurance and health are the principal to market more than 120 million euros each year.

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