Monday , May 23 2022

Dacia is hitting the world. What every driver needs to know now


Dacia is hitting the world thanks to the plant in Mioveni, and every driver who wants to make an informed choice must know this.

Dacia manages to strike in Europe with cars considered cheap, affordable, but doing their job very well. There’s just more than that at the back and it all starts from the factory. The manufacturer operates two plants – one in Romania in Mioveni and another in Morocco in Tangier.

The success of the one in Romania is visible, Dacia automobile general manager Christophe Dridi said in an interview given to

Dacia hits the Mioveni plant

The Dacia boss claims that even with the launch of new Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway models, Logan MCV and Sandero models have disappeared from the Mioveni plant portfolio, – the first being permanently removed from the Dacia range, and second is now being produced for the European market. in Morocco only – the production unit in Romania works very close to maximum capacity.

In fact, the Mioveni factory has “one of the best installed capacity utilization indices worldwide,” Dridi said.

In the same context, however, a Dacia official demonstrated that in these difficult times, rapid adaptation of production to demand, the agility of the plant, was more important than ever. Christophe Dridi also revealed the intensity of intense internal competition between Renault group plants for the industrialization of new projects. In this case, a Dacia officer explained “we must always be ahead of those in Tangier to win. And here we talk about several criteria. Quality, for example, is very important. And cost competitiveness is a deciding factor.

“You remember we had to stop completely in the spring. Then I first worked in just two shifts and then I went back to three. Well, now we have to work on Saturday to cover ‘ During this time, more than ever, we need to be agile, let’s calibrate our production quickly on demand, for example, as France is our largest export market, if quarantine is enforced there and people stop buying cars, we need to adjust production as soon as possible. “- ends Dacia’s boss.

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