Thursday , May 19 2022

Crazy sex in the intensive care unit where COVID-19 patients are treated. Medical staff are disciplined


An anonymous notice was sent to the management of Târgu-Jiu County Emergency Hospital, but also to the Ministry of Health regarding the adventures of both.

In addition, the complaint states that the nurse tested positive for COVID-19 and was in the same room as the doctor.

“Between 19 and 26.10, he (the resident physician – no.), Although married, with our colleague, (…), spent a recognized nurse for adventures, including one of the hospital directors. is, our colleague, in that time, was found to be positive in the rapid test of 19 and the PCR test of 23.10.2020. And now comes the worst part: At 26.10.2020, though the doctor (.. .) stayed in the same room in a hotel near our hospital (…), came to work in the ATI department, without going it alone, successfully registering, during this time, as well as preceding, many of instances of positivity among our colleagues “, it is shown in the notice sent to hospital managers and the Ministry of Health.

The same complaint also states that the ward has been converted into a brothel: “ATI and Covid ward became a real brothel, in that they, instead of sitting next to the poor patients, locked up in the office for hours and evenings. , where they have sex and have fun.

The management of the Târgu-Jiu County Emergency Hospital could not be contacted to express a view.

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