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Corporate Report: Elon Musk's promises for Tesla are in 2019; Canada's response to Tesla is a $ 15,500 electricity plugin – Finance and Banking


In terms of the promises, Elon Musk is just as a vision as in engineering. Although humans release tweets, some of the more moderate (inspired) Canadians are preparing to launch thousands of electric mosquitoes that will crawl through the streets of the West Coast

  • Elon Musk's promises for Tesla in 2019.

Tesla Inc. wrote the annual report and deposited to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, putting on paper pledges and expectations for this year, but also the price paid in 2018 for a private recovery story and restructuring. On spending, Tesla sent $ 36.6 million in redundancies, 55.2 million in the restructuring of energy divisions, and $ 30.1 million was spent in the context of the legal settlement of the dispute over the tweet by Musk Chief Executive when leaving a scholarship, which caused major complications.

The document covers more than 100 times Model 3, the Tesla sedan is still hoping to offer it for $ 35,000. The pledge appears several times, but Tesla still says that this price level will be reached in uncertain times in the future: "Now we are launching Model 3 supplies on international markets and we are focusing reducing manufacturing costs, and continue to increase production levels. "

The company says Model 3 and engine units are produced in "high volumes" and it highlights the fact that sedan was the best selling premium vehicle in the United States. 2018, repeating that it would increase production to 7,000 units per week by the end of 2019. With Shanghai's plants being built, the level will increase to 10,000 / week, and Tesla says that 500,000 of the Model 3,000 volume being reached "sometime between the last quarter of 2019 and the second in 2020," whichever comes with the operation of the new factory. On Tuesday, Elon Musk published at Tweeter level:

Tesla also talked about full electric vehicles in the future, stating that he will be launching a future Model Y, lightweight truck, a new version and version of the Tesla Roadster. Model Y is believed to be a compact SUV, a segment that is highly appreciated by American customers. The company resumed the promise that the production presentation will be much faster and will cost less than Model 3, which takes over 75% of its components. Musk has previously mentioned the option by retaining the rotation of details, but says he will "pick up" Rugby Blade, "he said.

Tesla said the residential solar division was "holding up" and intends to increase the production of the Solar Toeon this year. It also intends to introduce financial services, possibly direct loans to potential customers. Solar roofs have been set "low rhythm", so much learned about design and manufacturing processes.
Tesla electricity cars have reduced 50% to $ 3,750 this year and will be cut to $ 1,875 in the second semester, but Tesla says they will not have a "significant impact" on long-term sales: "We believe that the These discounts have pushed forward demand in 2018 and can create a similar increase in 2019 before each step of reducing federal tax deductions. Tesla vehicles are even an attractive offer without incentives. "

Tesla shares rejected 8% over the past 12 months, rather than an increase of 1.8% of the S & P 500 index (Market Watch & Market)

  • Canada's response to Tesla is an electric bicycle of $ 15,500.

It's electric like Tesla. He costs Ford Fiesta. This is the best vehicle ever seen – and it could redefine the commuter's car. Although General Motors is preparing to close the plant near Toronto, where Canda's car production began over 100 years ago, a new model is shaped in a small production capacity around Vancouver, BC.

Single meeting, a single vehicle of $ 15,500 produced by Electra Meccanica Vehicles. From December, 5,000 will fall down Los Angeles streets, and another 70,000 will be provided over the next two years on the western coast of America. Electra Meccanica has a market value of just 142 million dollars, but it has 2.4 billion in advance orders.

Even a rocky cycle can offer a general plant to General Motors at Oshawa, Ontario, which will close this year without leaving any work for 3,000 people. "We had some hide on the subject," said Jeff Kroll, CEO of Electra Meccanica, adding that there was no decision to make: "Nothing would make me happier than re-engage with & # 39; Those people for a vehicle designed and manufactured in Canada ".

From the Tesla i Nissan and Volkswagen, makers are in the race for the car in the future. So far they have made cleaner and quiet versions, but also more expensive versions of existing models. The profits were shy, it's likely that many manufacturers will lose money for each car, but sell in the hope of a share of the market in the future, as Bloomberg New Energy Finance is estimate.

Electra Meccanica says that its ugly creation tends to redefine the image of the car. "Tesla is doing a good job in the production of large cars – a conventional electric power," said Kroll, who previously worked in the NASA California electric motors department, who marched Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, co-founders in Tesla. "This company produces the car that Elon Musk would want to do for it. It's great to make 45,000 dollars, 100,000 or 250,000 cars. the forces? A 15,000 dollar car can make people use gasoline. This is creativity. "

What are the performances? From 0 to 100 km / h in 8 seconds, almost like Porsche Cayenne. It is loaded in three hours, it has a range of 160 km and has a maximum speed of 130 km / h. Incredibly, it can load full supermarket trolley content into front and back storage areas. For Kroll, Solo makes transport for smart computer phones – something that is smaller, better and indispensable. "The brakes were people who thought they needed big screens. But today everyone knows they sell more iPhone and make more money than they do with iMac."

His ambition does not match the share price. Electra Meccanica broke out during the first few weeks of trading on the OTCQB Enterprise Market in 2017, reaching a maximum of $ 16 before moving to Nasdaq in August last year. I was presented down to 4.39 on Friday, but for triple value compared to the start of the week. "In fact there is a vehicle you need near your regular car," said Kevin Tynan, senior car analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. "Does it not cost you more to take two cars than one with reasonable use that does everything?"

At first glance, it seems that Electra Meccanica is not a potential competitor in the race to adopt the cheap electric car. But the company owner, Henry Reisner, has a personal opinion: "The product is so far from the track to hit that no producer will sign it. For a small maker it is & # 39; The only option. Land that no-one else will come in ". Electra Meccanica is targeting three types of buyers: commuters, car sharing companies and final delivery services such as Amazon, couriers and pizzerias that have one common thing: one man in the car.

Nearly 90% of Americans are going to work alone in the car – a possible market of 115 million people. DHL Worldwide Express and Only 7-Eleven test for distribution. Hilton Worldwide invites its guests to try it at Double Tree Hotel in Victoria, BC. Car sharing companies are very suitable: they can double their users by parking 25 Solo in a 10-person overnight parking lot.

Those who suspect do not disturb Kroll. Electra Meccanica is fully funded and expects to be profitable at the end of the year, he said. "The list on Nasdaq has made Tesla a great company. If you can imagine Tesla before making the first 5,000 cars, so we are now." (The Seattle Times)

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