Tuesday , October 4 2022

Cluj. The "Puck" Theater presents a new broadcast Thursday: the interactive show "Traveling in the world's stories"


The record of the actors and musical interference is supported by special choreographic moments. Protagonists are characters such as Pikk and Pokk, Puck Ghost of "The Dream of Summer Night", by William Shakeaspeare, The Little One in the Match Three, or The Babe Girl at the Babe and the Girl. Ion Creangă.

The dance style is a dance style, known to memorable dancers such as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers or Rita Hayworth. The cast includes Laura Corpodean, Adina Ungur, Ion Iurcu and Iulian Lungu. Guidance directed by Varga Ibolya. Lorena Copil is signed by the dramatist and the words and the show.

Choreographic moments are coordinated by Gabriela Rusu.

"The musical picture calls on traditional jazz styles (dixieland, ragtime and blues) with desirable melodic lines and an orchestra for favorite children. The sound space supports the performance rhythm and brings a platform in the The special atmosphere and elegance of the interim period – historically not only for jazz music but also for the regeneration of puppets as part of the 20th century avant-garde art movement "said Lorena Copil.

These all include, among other things, words of "Shadow of a Summer Night" by William Shakespeare. The music is signed by Péter Venczel, the Elena Ilas and sculpture design by Florin Marin. The show is the result of the whole Puck theater team. Also, Liviu Matei, an older theater colleague, contributed to the preparation of clown moments. The aim of the show is also to promote the Puck Theater Puppet Theater repertoire.

"They are very well known stories and characters, building theater sequences in the theater. Heroes talk about the character of puppet theater, with little speeches to promote this art, to entertain the children, to convince charm the puppet theater, the show has three schemes: actors, clowns and dolls. Every scheme presents a character. "The key to everything is its game and its accuracy," said Varga Ibolya.

The first program will be held on Thursday, November 22nd, at 11:00 pm. The show is played in Romania and takes about 35-40 minutes, depending on the interaction with the audience. The smallest minimum age is three years. Access to the premiere is free.

The "Puck" Puppet Theater was established in 1950 and has downgraded to Cluj County Council. The organization's record contains 300 prizes, in the Romanian and Hungarian part, as well as important awards and nominations. The Puck Theater Puck Theater's current repertoire contains about 25 children's performance titles. Since 2002, the Cluj organization hosts the Puck International International "Puck" and the Pupped Theater Festival, one of the important events of Cluj, and since September 2017 it has started the WonderPuck Street Festival, a dedicated family event whole.

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