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Chindia Targoviste 1-2 Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe | FINAL whistle! Sepsi manages to return the result after the break and is again in the playoffs


22 Nov.


Minute. 93: End of the match! Astra Giurgiu places himself in front of Hermannstadt!

Minute. 81: GOOOAAAAAAL !!! He easily defeated Budescu before taking him around the Sibiu keeper and putting him in the empty net to make it 0-1.

Minute. 73: Double chance Hermannstadt! Karanovic couldn’t defeat an Astra goalkeeper by a few meters in the first stage, the ball bounces to Jo Santos, who in front of goal can’t beat Lazar. Two successful Giurgiu keeper marches in a matter of seconds!

Minute. 51: Astra Opportunity! Graovac sends a header, and Sibiu’s keeper drops the ball with his fingertips in the crossbar.

Minute. 42: Opportunity Astra! Budescu sent a shot in the block, after a solo act by Merloi! The ball bounced off a Sibiu player in the corner!

Minute. 23: Opportunity Astra! Valentin Gheorghe acted on his own, getting into the box, but sending a shot past goal.

Minute. 17: Opportunity Hermannstadt! Jo Santos sends a dangerous free-kick from outside the box, but Astra’s midfielder rejects him in the corner.

Minute. 1: The match has started!

Starting teams:

FC Hermannstadt: Cristiano – Voda, Viera, Stoica, Oprut – Addae, Romario – Joalisson, Mustivar, Alhassan – Fabio Fortes

Reserves: Belu, Bastos, Buzan, Karanovic, Scarlatache

Astra Giurgiu: Lasar – Sousa, Graovac, Dima, Radunovic – Gheorghe, Crepulja, Canadjija, Merloi – Azulay, Budescu

Reserves: Bruno, Riza, Montini, Balaure, Moise, Wuthrich, Stahl, Radut, Popa

Today’s first game in League 1 puts FC Hermannstadt and Astra Giurgiu face to face.

Both teams have a loss and a tie in the final games of the championship, being at the bottom of the standings.

Ruben Albes’ team has 11 points after the first 10 stages and is ranked 12th in the ranking, securing 5 draws, with Dinamo (1-1), Academica Clinceni (2-2), Gaz Metan Medias (1 -1), UTA Arad (1-1) and Sepsi (1-1), two wins, with Chindia Targoviste (3-1) and FC Botosani (2-1), and 3 defeats, with CFR (0-1) , FCSB (0-5) and Craiova University (0-1).

On the other hand, Astra only has 5 points and occupies the last place of the position. Giurgiu won only one win this season, against Poli Iasi (4-0), with two draws, with Sepsi (2-2) and Dinamo (1-0) and 7 defeats, having suffered at FCSB ( 0-3), Universitatea Craiova (0-2), CFR Cluj (0-2), Viitorul (1-4), FC Voluntari (2-3), FC Arges (0-1) and Academica Clinceni (0-2 ).

The two teams have met 4 times in the past, two games won by Astra, and the other two finals.

The match between FC Hermannstadt and Astra Giurgiu is scheduled from 17:00 and will be broadcast in LX TEXT format at

Likely teams:

FC Hermannstadt: Cristiano – Voda, Viera, Stoica, Oprut – Addae, Pires – Caiado, Mayor, Jo Santos – Fabio Fortes

Astra Giurgiu: Lasar – Bruno, Graovac, Dima, Radunovici – Radut, Crepulja, Canadjija, Gheorghe – Stahl, Budescu

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