Friday , May 27 2022

Cancer therapy that could be the best weapon for the disease


  • CTP, reaction after PSD CEx: No Firea represents the largest Dragnea victory

    Cristian Tudor Popescu, the scandal's journalist at the Social Democrat PSD meeting, where Liviu Dragnea's leader won an important victory against some of the competitors and decided to reconfigure the government by applying a strategy by Nicolae Ceausescu's day. Digi2 …

  • MINUTES hard to reach – PSD changed 21 ministers in almost two years of government

    As the parliamentary elections won in December 2016, the PSD has changed to the three governments of a number of 21 ministers, six in the Cabinet of Grindeanu, four in the Tudos Government, and 11 since the Government leading Viorica Dăncilă on January 29,: SURVEY SURVEY – SURPRISE magnificent …

  • The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan sells old iron cannons bought by Boris Johnson while he is mayor after the urban rebellion 2011

    The Mayor of London announced Sadiq Khan on Monday that three waste water cannons bought by his predecessor Boris Johnson for the police were sold as scrap metal, with an estimated loss of more than £ 300,000 (£ 336,700), according to The Associated Press.

  • Italy. The police hit the sports betting mafia

    The Italian anti-mafia police co-ordinated a magnificent act against three mafia clans associated with illegal gaming online in many states

  • Sophia Florsch was successfully executed. He took surgery almost ten hours, and doctors said there was no danger of paralysis. FIDEO

    The campaign Sophia Florsch, who suffered an accident at Grand Prix Macau, was very good and there is no risk of a match, said Van Amersfoort Racing team director Frits van Amersfoort. The surgery lasted almost ten hours, the BBC reported.

  • Hela Dragnea

    The most synthetic commentary on the reintroduction of Dragnea's government seems to me a famous bank of the life of the army (when it was compulsory). The head tells the recruits: "I have good news and bad news. Good thing: today you change your stocks, the bad one: between you".

  • Rammstein prepares a 3-year tour for the seventh album

    Rammstein's German band is preparing a three-year tour to promote his seventh album, released in 2019, by guitarist Richard Kruspe.

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  • How to unlock infrastructure: TEN-T Single Commission Solution (2)

    Between stereos in Parliament and the irresponsible anti-EU attitude of some high-ranking Roman officials, there is little space on the public agenda. Why talk about highways, education or health, when can we easily argue different characters and gestures …

  • Three die after an air crash in the state of North Dakota

    Three people died after a medical airplane flew over a patient soon after its elimination, a few kilometers to the north of Bismarck in North Dakota, informing the & # 39; r Press.

  • Defense Minister resigned Mihai Fifor. What function did he have. Dragnea and Dancila for the past minister. Declaration of Fifor

    At the press conference held after the PSD Executive meeting, Prime Minister, Viorica Dăncilă, said the Minister for Defense Mihai Fifor had resigned and replaced Gabriel Beniamin Leş.

    "Thank you all …

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