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Buzărnescu – Goerges plays NOW, in the second round, in Rome | LIVE BLOG: After the rain came to the sun and Foro Italico fucks: Mihaela won the first set, playing with her inspiration t


  • LIVING: 6-4, 0-1 Mihaela Buzărnescu (29 CTC) – Julia Goerges (18 CTC) is the second round in Rome.
  • On Wednesday evening, because of the rain, the game is in Live BLOG format at and in a direct broadcast on DigiSport 2. The 31 year old Bucharest returns on the field after the victory in front of Jelena Ostapenko to face 16 favorite of the painting, Julia Goerges.
  • Italy organizers had to organize games for the first time on nine land to try and restore the lost time after Wednesday which he could not play at all.

► Buzărnescu performs on Field 6: putting pressure on Julia Goerges again, definitely reaching the net, fighting equality, but the Nemea escapes well, succeeding in closing the game with impact strip.

► Players wait a little for the field to absorb the water sent to the organizers' play area during the interval between sets.

► SET Mihaela Buzărenscu, 6-4. The Romanian puts a point in the first movement in 41 minutes, playing excellent with the lapel. It was 1-1 asian handicap pickles (we remember that Julia Goerges, as a rule, is the most successful season players), an additional 30 percent for Miki at the first service frequency.

► Mihaela's long ball makes Julia hit as Radwanska, from a very low position – straight out to 30-30. Goerges jeopardizes the second ball and climbs quickly into the net, giving his ball, Miki-Buzz is definitely responding to equality enforcement, but he can't do the same twice successively. Ultimately, the nemesis is rewarded for the brave way she chose to send her the second service – Miki did not have a set ball in this return range.

► Two services sent to the winning fullback will solve Mihaela Buzărnescu's 5-3 game.

► BREAK Buzarnescu and Romania return to leadership, 4-3. The bog has a tremendous percentage of first service frequency (38%), and Miki is extremely good at defense. Julia saves a ball first, but Bucurestean changes well the points that they attack in the long line and ends up in the net (as with the ball the ball offered). hermetic defense (see the last point of the game ends with a long line of clothing out of the net to search for the perfect anti-badge).

BREAK has been restored from Goerges and 3-3. Mihaela starts with 0-40 final turns on the dispute game with the original balls. Goerges returns excellently with the lapel, staggering Miki and buying three successive balls of rest, endorsing the second ball game. Twice, Mihaela chooses an inspirational place at work, even when playing on the right hand, then carefully building and canceling the chances of the first two rivals. However, Julia achieves the third, playing aggressively and finishing with straight wins.

► Mihaela does not confirm the break without any emotion, succeeding in being prominent in the ball exchanges, on the bottom line of the field. Boats don't feel comfortable when he has to move to the rhythm set by Miki, and his defense is also fragile. Buzărnescu gives a two bet difference on the board for 3-1, before Julia again collected with an easy grip.

BREAK Buzărnescu! Romania makes an excellent return game. First, because he managed a very strange moment: Goerges made the second double mistake on the score of 0-30, but the center of the replay center decided the point because he noticed that one of the ball's children had escaped. of a ball while the still is in the game. Secondly, Mihaela has made two very impressive forms, which have obviously made Goerges uncomfortable. Romanianca passes the lead, 2-1.

► Julia Goerges starts the game with an authoritative movement on the job, criticized at zero. Mihaela is also correct and the first two games have been shared. The two players chose the game equipment with a larger one, and on Mihaela's left shoulder we see some blue therapeutic strips.

► It's sunny today in Rome! Everyone has a weak breath, and Mihaela Buzărnescu and Julia Goerges are ready to start. It's played on field 6, which has been scheduling frequently for double games, having been located alongside unique land, without a platform and with limited access to blood. , that journalists can't reach it, the stars prefer the circuit to avoid the fans pant.

Mihaela Buzărnescu plays the 22nd game of the season at the opening of the program on Thursday, on the 6th field of Foro Italico. The Romans have a good chance to correct their record straight to an opponent who, in games played nine years away (2009 and 2018), failed to win more than two games in the set.

Goerges, a player who can be played at work, is more vulnerable during this career after suffering injuries this year. In Stuttgart, due to problems in the neck and the shoulder, Goerges was forced to retire in the decisive game with Pavliucenkova. The second German missile won just four of the last 11 games in the circuit, since Simone Halep was defeated in Doha.

Mihaela Buzărnescu contacted a tournament once a season – in Charlestone, on a green dice.

  • Simona Halep is the second trolley that will play in the second round in Rome on Thursday. The World Matches game with Marketa Vondrousova will be played on Pietrangeli arena after 12:30.
  • If necessary, Halep and Buzărnescu will also have a simple second match on Thursday in the finals.

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