Sunday , October 2 2022

Bad news about Florin Busuioc. What's happening to TV shows


Florin Busuioc is still in a severe but stable condition after the stroke was sustained on Tuesday night after a show at Craiova.

"Rope occurs when a clot of blood clogs one of the most centralized acrylic vessels, but the point of departure of that clot is atherosclerosis. All our vessels make atherosclerosis, that is, , cholesterol deposition on the inner walls of the jar The atherosclerosis process begins as early as childhood. Adult, blood vessels start thicker or more, depending on some risk factors: smoking, obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and neglect of genetic factors. Under the activity of other preventative factors (caused by high blood pressure, severe stress, intense physical effort, extreme temperature exposure, alcohol misuse), the wall of the ship may have ; to load with cracking atherosclerosis. And as it happens when you transport your knees and make shells, so wall shells form a shell to give the best to enjoy. The blood plates collect at the site, beginning to give the server th of repairs crack, but in time they result in the formation of a clot that closes the ship. Here's how the heart attack happens, "said Gabriela Bicescu of the University's Emergency Hospital Cardiology Department, Bucharest, at

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