Thursday , May 26 2022

"Asia Express". Heavy moments for Margherita and Iuliana Luciu


"Asian Express" gave the stars above. They all imagine the adventure of their lives, but Elephant Road appears to be increasingly difficult to cross. Margherita from Clejani and Iuliana Luciu showed how they are going away from Romania.

"I can not! My legs broke, I'm sick," said Margherita of Clejani, who was filmed at the "Asia Express" adventure.

However, as Asia Express is not a waste of time while waiting for the train, Margherita of Clejani began to make its composition.

"I found great places to make my dress. Now I'm on stage where I wait for the train to take me into a happiness way. I can make my quote here, I am never form, "he said.

"I have no talent to make my composition. It takes me 10 minutes to do it altogether," admitted Iuliana Luciu.

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