Sunday , April 11 2021

Another problem with Manchester United! Rashford threatens to go to Real Madrid if he is not a owner

Manchester United has a number of problems: the start of the season, the tension between trainer and star Paul Pogba, announces that he will not be able to transfer big in the winter, the news that Club operations were demolished on New York Stock Exchange and, more recently, the situation of Marcus Rashford, who threatens to go to Real Madrid if Jose Mourinho will not use it more often.

Officials on Old Trafford have passed a difficult test during the next period. Some of the players are unhappy The situation in Manchester United, others are thinking of leaving. This is the case of Marcus Rashford, who played 747 minutes in 13 games this season, managed to score two goals and pass. The player's agent requires, apart from his hold, a salary increase to keep up with Premier League stars. Rashford is a 21-year-old Manchester United, but heads of "devils" are careful about the attacker's progress.

Manchester United may lose Rashford. Threat to go to Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho is not in a hurry to use more often as a title title, with the intention of turning a key player over time. Rashford has no patience and is eager to play as much as possible for Manchester United. He is confident when dealing with opponents, he has speed and hit the ball well, can play in a number of jobs, and these features are sought by teams wanting to win jewels.

Marcus Rashford's agent threatens the player going to Real Madrid if the situation does not change as soon as possible, even if the attacker wants to continue to get Manchester United. The decision is also influenced by the English announcement, Gareth Southgate, who has sent Rashford that he will only call it to the national team if he is more likely to calculate Jose Mourinho's plans.

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