Saturday , May 21 2022

An epidemic without specific treatment has killed 172 people in just one month (WHO)


An epidemic of yellow fever has killed 172 people in Nigeria, says the World Health Organization (WHO). Discovered in November, the disease has already led to a humanitarian crisis in the northeast of the country, according to AFP reports.

“Since November 24, the epidemic has been detected in five provinces in Nigeria – Delta, Enugu, Bauchi, Benue and Ebonyi,” organization spokesman Tarik Jasarevic told reporters in Geneva.

530 suspicious cases were registered, of which 48 were confirmed by laboratory analyzes.

All these 530 suspicious cases resulted in the death of 172 people ”, Jasarevic added, Agerpres writes.

There is no specific treatment for yellow fever, which is widely transmitted in urban areas by mosquitoes. Although the vaccine is almost 100% effective and relatively inexpensive, the percentage of people getting vaccinated against yellow fever remains low in many parts of Africa.

Health experts have warned in recent months that a coronavirus pandemic could lead to the spread of some diseases due to the intervention of vaccination programs.

In October, WHO announced that Nigeria would resume vaccination against yellow fever from March after security measures were tightened due to COVID-19, adding that it hoped 30 million people would be vaccinated soon .

So far the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria, has not been relatively affected by the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. Officially, the virus has killed 1,179 people in Nigeria in more than 68,300 cases nationwide, but the number of tests remains largely inadequate.

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