Wednesday , January 20 2021

"90% is linked to the fact that I signed with FCSB"

It is convinced that signing with the FCSB has definitely measured the club's decision to start.

"We went into the program with the team, it was normal, we had a contract with them, I tried to help in the game t CFRunfortunately it was not possible, the game came out as it came out and I made a statement after the correct statement on behalf of the group and the next day it was agreed that we would not continue.

We said that we still have two months and a few months away, and if we do 3 months again, the same group decisions are likely to be made again, as they did before paying for a month. I didn't get the idea or decided not to train, this was the decision of the group. Not only did I have money, no one had money, and a decision was made with each other.

I spoke to my impresario, Anamaria Prodan, who had contacted the club sponsor and decided that it was better to go into another trouble in two months.

You realize that 90% is associated with the fact that I signed with the FCSB, because if I were stretching with Astra and I was still their player, it's like it doesn't come to conversations of this kind"he said Claudiu Belu for Telekom Television.


An amazing situation in League 1! Claudiu Belu, given by Astra Giurgiu after end of game statements with CFR: "Now you can train with FCSB"

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