Thursday , January 20 2022

Y BALL – "I will always be grateful to Sport, whatever the future" (Sports)


Tiago Fernandes will be a trainer for the third and last time Sport in this piece for the interim command of the main team. The young trainer says he does not know the future yet, but he is grateful for the opportunities he has received.

"I have not yet defined my situation, but I'm very grateful to Sport for the opportunities it has been given to me and I will continue the way no matter what the future will be," said Tiago Fernandes in a preview Sunday game with Chaves.

"We must really focus our goal and try not to make mistakes so we do not have any surprises. We know the quality of the objector, the Nebular is a very good team, with a coach who has created an ascending route. His ideas are hard to oppose and has already drawn with Benfica and FC Porto, "he said.

The question was asked to the young trainer about the importance of the game taking into account the meeting between FC Porto and SC Braga. "We worry more than Chats and what we have to do. We have to focus on our game, as no one runs for us, it's we have to be faced with our challenge, we must be ambitious and plant our way. What happens in the game between FC Porto and SC Braga will be a game between two teams with two coaches that I admire. I wish them all the luck and the dignity of Portuguese football. "

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