Sunday , June 26 2022

WWE presents the new 24/7 Championship


WWE announced at Money In The Bank last Sunday that Mick Foley would go to Raw on Monday evening to introduce the title of a new company … and so it was. Legend hardcore he went to the main brand from WWE to unveil the new 24/7 Championship!

The title, though not our Hardcore Championship, will get a lot of what the old title made so special. Mick Foley explained that this new 24/7 Championship can be played at any time, between any Senior Chancellor, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK or even Legends or Hall of Famers of WWE. It's enough for this to be an existing referee to authorize the outcome of the "battle".

The introduction of this new title can be seen in the video above and the first WWE fighter to win this new 24/7 Championship was Titus O 'Neil, who managed to be the first to leave the Raw Monday Night round with him.

However, shortly after, Robert Roode appeared behind his back and, with a School Boy, managed to get up pin of victory, becoming a new 24/7 Champion.

Then Robert Roode fled to the backstagehiding as much as it could from the other WWE Superstars.

Outside the arena, Robert Roode was of the view that he could count on valuable assistance from R-Truth to leave the scene. A former US Champion was available to help the new 24/7 Champion, giving him a seat in a car … But inside was a referee!

R-Truth took advantage of Robert Roode's attack against the car, making a pin and overcome the Championship 24/7! Until you see, R-Truth is the current 24/7 Champion, although it was announced a twitter it is called its European Championship.

What do you think of this new 24 hour Championship from WWE? Do you think he has the potential to become something shows o WWE?

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