Friday , May 27 2022

Would Microsoft experience advertisements in the Windows 10 post?


According to the Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia, the e-mail application included in Windows 10 can soon show advertisements in the user's mailbox, regardless of which e-mail providers accessed by Microsoft, such as Outlook, or other companies, such as Google and Gmail.

Windows Insider, the Windows 10 beta testing program, was the first to spot the flag ads at the top of the internal emailboxes, sending the images to the Italian blog, who shared the news on Twitter this Friday (16), as shown in the reproduction below:

According to the blog, those who do not want the advert have two options: do not use the software or pay for a 365 Office subscription which, according to the ads shown to Windows Insiders, gives us a # 39; The right to the experience without ads.

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However, Frank X. Shaw, communications director in Microsoft, responded to consumer questions on Twitter, stating that the advertisements were only a small test of the company, but that will not continue, as can be found in the following reproduction:

"This was an experimental feature that was not intended to be vastly proven and unemployed," he said. Even so, Microsoft is running a supportive page dedicated to advertising in the Mail app with tutorials on how to disable advertisements through the settings. Consumers are thinking about why the company would write a whole support page for an instrument that should not even be proven widely, leaving a lack of trust to leave.

We may never know the real plans, but we probably will not see the advertisements in our email boxes anytime soon.

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia through BetaNews

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