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Woman with sledgehammer and love burnt with a torch in Cascais – Portugal


A 36-year-old girl was detained by the PSP in Cascais and put in pre-trial imprisonment by a criminal investigation judge for assaulting her boyfriend, an architect of 51, trying to burn him with a torch. The woman was still destroying the victim's entire office.

The events are dated back to Wednesday afternoon, May 1, and they were held in a property near Cascais PSP squadron.

The striker, an illegal Brazilian in the country – began a residence license which was terminated – and registered in the Bar, by breaking into the door of her boyfriend's office. The architect was surprised that he ate lunch in the study and could not stop his companion from breaking everything with the blunt object on his body.

Although he was injured, the 51-year-old still had the power to disarm his girlfriend. However, the girl was still trying to burn her with a torch. It was very costly for the victim to call the PSP only.

The agents of the Cascais squadron arrived quickly and saw the victim with a bloody face, and with many difficulties to include the inflammation of the girlfriend. In the woman two kitchen knives, ethyl alcohol bottles and two spray branches were found.

According to the website Cascais24, these tools were used to paint offensive phrases against the architect, on the walls of buildings. According to the same publication, the girl even had a vaginal foam, which she used to mimic an abortion.

The woman was quite adapted, and she was also injured, taken to San Francisco Xavier Hospital, in Lisbon. On his release, he attended a criminal investigation judge and was imprisoned in the Tires prison. In addition to the offenses of attempting to kill and damage, it also responds to illegal immigration.

Victim Support
The architect, whose Brazilian girlfriend attacked, also needed hospital treatment. He was taken by firefighters with traces of blood on his body.

Sledge hammer with 2.5 kg
The oppressor used by the woman in the attack weighs about 2.5 kilograms. The victim was surprised when she worked in the office and only defended herself from the attack.

Domestic Violence
The couple already had a history of domestic violence. The Brazilian had beaten her boyfriend from the front.

APAV counts two men who are beaten every day
Last year, according to the APAV report, an average of two men a day was attacked in the context of domestic violence. A total of 854 male victims were recorded.

The number of victims, however, is higher for women: 14 women are attacked daily, out of a total of 5173 cases registered in 2018. In addition, a victim of domestic violence is presented by APAV as a woman, 41, married , with children and a maid.

INEM technician lives in fear of ex-partner
Pedro Estrella, INEM technician, 41, filed a domestic violence complaint about two months ago. The attacks denied the persecution of his former partner, working in the IT department of Banco de Portugal.

He says he is afraid to go out alone and says he has seen his ex-partner and his girlfriend wandering the house. He claims that the complaints he made are depreciated by being a man.

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