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Winston Churchill Y Wood Motivates Albuquerque Book

Miguel Albuquerque launches the book of Winston Churchill in Madeira & # 39; on Thursday, with 144 pages, with each copy costing 18 euros.

The book will be presented at the Madeira Press Museum in Câmara de Lobos and the responsibility of the Islenha Magazine Director, Marcelino de Castro, will be the presentation of the work held at 6:00 pm on November 29.

The publisher reveals that it is an unpublished book written by Miguel Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government, who also has two other works published by Alêtheia Editores. Causes of Ancient Risk Garden & # 39; & Commonplace Chronos & # 39; It is presented by João Carlos Espada and is about to stay Churchill on the island.

He has a bilingual book (in Portuguese and English) and tells the most important historian of the twentieth century's historical journey, together with a number of photos that have not been published. With a wife with a wife and her home at the Reid Hotel, Churchill made a story in the 12 days he stayed there. He arrived on board the Urban Town vessel and left for England to run for election.

Two years later he returned to be the prime minister of the United Kingdom. In the island of Madeira, the real curiosity of all Madeira was exalted. He wrote his memorials and painted one of the most famous paintings, Câmara de Lobos, Madeira's fishing port.

12 day mediation of the island

Winston Churchill made an important contribution to the development of tourism on the island of Madeira. The famous First World War of Britain spent ten days holiday in Madeira in January 1950 and left deep marks on tourism in the Region.

The name of the citizen is one of the most demanded in Câmara de Lobos council, to the west of Funchal, when it comes to bright figures. The photos show that he painted the bay and the islet have become a brand image and the place scene attacked the easel painting now its name.

"Churchill with Madeira's visit was the Reid's (Palace Hotel) invitation as a marketing campaign because the hotel's main guests were English. The initiative had a big impact and hotel, during the 50s and 60s, returns to golden age, with the presence of many celebrities, "said Alberto Vieira's historian at Lusa for 50 years celebrations since his death in 2015.

According to Alberto Vieira, "Madeira's history is not as much for native people, but mostly for the outside, because they are often the ones who contribute most to Madeira's confirmation in the world. One of them. Its presence has had a huge impact on tourism, and (…) it has grown fruit that is still gimmick. "

Hotel Reid & Palace was invited to take place in the summer of 1949 to mark the reopening after World War II, and Winston Churchill on the island on January 1st 1950 on board the "Durban Castle". Along with his wife, his eldest daughter, two secretaries, personal servant, bodyguard, and Colonel Frederick Deakin, who advised him on writing the memoirs.

"The way Madeira has received this wonderful figure is well expressed in the publicity and publicity made of that famous photographer of the photographer Raul Perestrelo, where Churchill sits on paint painting Câmara de Lobos bay, "said Alberto Vieira, noting, however, that the purpose of this was" rest and ignore ".

"I do not know he has received an official reception by the local authorities, because I think he wants it. Otherwise, they are naturally paying homage," he said. historian.

However, the presence of Winston Churchill in Madeira was advertised extensively in the local press. "Obviously, even if he wanted, he did not ignore him. It was a super-veteran," said Alberto Vieira.

Winston Churchill was accepted by the English congregation in Madeira and by one of the administrators of Palas Reid. The reports of the visit said that on the hotel trip, he said: "I have been greeted by many people in this world that I have done something that I have done, but never in my life I have had so enthusiastic as people who have never done anything. "

After settling in, much of his stay in the room continued, because it was a bad weather.

On January 7, 1950 Câmara de Lobos, seven kilometers west of Funchal, traveled to the Leacock family's Rolls Royce car. In a corner, at the entrance of the village, he set the dartel and canvas, sat down and painted the bay and the lower. The photographer Raul Perestrelo is currently impaired and, at present, the place has been designated by Miradouro Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill was staying in Madeira until January 16, 1950, but was changed back to the 12th day due to forecasting general elections in England for February of that year. He left the island on the board of the English company "Aquila Airways", after the wife and daughter returned on the originally planned date.

Winston Churchill died on January 24, 1965, at the age of 95. He was twice the British Prime Minister (1940-1945 and 1951-1955) and went down into history as one of the greatest names of the twentieth century. In 1953 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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